DoubleList Review

Ever since the demise of Craigslist personals as well as, there’s been a new leader in the clubhouse when it comes to finding adult personal advertisements that offer a big range of opportunities for hook ups and sex.  Although the times have changed, people have been getting bored with all of the Doublelist crowd’s and have looked for other sites to find people at.  Today I’ll talk about that and share with you my DoubleList review in hopes of helping some people connect with others through online personals.

This is a HIGHLY debated site, and I urge you to check out this casual sex experts take on Doublelist as well.

My Full Review

I’ve looked through this site many times, so much that I almost feel like it’s second nature.

So what is this “double list?” you ask?  It’s been an alternative to Craigs List for quite some time, which used to be the go to spot for personals online.  The site looks nice, and has a good database of people who are searching for dates, partners, or just sexual pleasures.

The site appears to be safe and has some filters which makes it easy to think it’s filtering out the stalkers and people up to bad intentions, and you can use the site to explore your fantasies, whatever they may be.

double list

How To Use

You’ll have to open an account to get started.  The design leads you into this and helps you get educated, if you aren’t already, on sex.  Yeah, a little weird if you ask me.  However, with all of the things happening in the world, like changing from a man to a woman (thanks Kaitlyn Jenner), hey, you may just actually learn something perverted or deviant on Double List’s website.

You can also use the chat feature and talk to about anyone with a similar interest to you.  You can just send a message to their ads.

You can filter people by interests, sex, age, etc.  Pretty basic like other dating sites, but now you can search by stuff like if they are gay or not, etc.

The best filter perhaps is the geo location tool.  This way you can find users in your local area who are down to get together.  Every profile on this platform is verified by a phone number, so this shows people went through some degree of a process before getting fully registered. So that’s a bit of a comfort.

You can of course log on 24-7, 365 to find your love interests.  That should be obvious, but I like to add that.

The big negative here is that it’s a website but it does NOT have an app.

Who Hangs Out on Double List?

It’s a huge community of people on this website coming from different backgrounds and sexual orientations.  Anyone can find  someone no matter where they came from or which weird fetish they are into.  Of course, you’ll have to make sure you are clear on your intentions with someone because honesty goes a long way on any dating platform.

Watch out for scammers, however.  Any website is susceptible to phishing and catfishing. Be careful and don’t send nudes to anyone you can’t trust.  I often get sucked into women that have among the most massive boobs ever!

Which Cities is Popular for DoubleList?

Like any app, it’s got it’s pockets where people just tend to use this app over another app.  In terms of looking at trends I found the below on another website.  Credit:






Kansas City


San Diego





Las Vegas







Fort Meyers


New Orleans


New York City

If your City isn’t listed, it’s not because this website “doesn’t exist” there, let’s not be silly.  However, you never know if it’s widely used or not used at all.

I have seen other doublelist reviews that give many alternative websites to use instead of this one.  I’ll stop just short of doing that, because I haven’t fully vetted the other sites out there or seen what they offer, so I can’t give a full comparison.  I’d rather give my FULL review, rather than just say “oh use this site instead if you are looking for a relationship.” I like to vet them before putting them on the blogosphere, so that’s my full disclosure.

I’ll end in saying, in any online dating or meeting people environment, keep your guard up, be careful, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

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