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We love boobs.  We love them so much that we decided to make a site talking about them and reminiscing about some of the best sets of boulders we’ve ever seen.

Boobs are fun!
A thing of beauty!

It’s a big world out there, and there are some incredible chests you’ll see from time to time.  Our goal is to create an all-time best blog about boobs, and point out the best places to see them.

Hooters, of course, comes to mind right away.  It’s a great place with great food, wings, and of course, breasts!  Not chicken breasts either, I’m talking about good old classic boulders!

The creators of that restaurant are icons to us.  We celebrate their entire menu and style of serving food.  Hooters girls will be featured prominently on this blog, so if your into Hooters as much as we are, you are in for a real treat.

We’ll let our content and photos do the talking.  For now, we’re going to be scouring the web for the best stuff to give you on upcoming stories.  Thanks for visiting, and please share this with friends.  Everyone deserves a good set of boobs near them at all times.

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Ever since the demise of Craigslist personals as well as, there’s been a new leader in the clubhouse when it comes to finding adult personal advertisements that offer a big range of opportunities for hook ups and sex.  Although the times have changed, people have been getting bored with all of the Doublelist crowd’s and have looked for other sites to find people at.  Today I’ll talk about that and share with you my DoubleList review in hopes of helping some people connect with others through online personals.

This is a HIGHLY debated site, and I urge you to check out this casual sex experts take on Doublelist as well.

My Full Review

I’ve looked through this site many times, so much that I almost feel like it’s second nature.

So what is this “double list?” you ask?  It’s been an alternative to Craigs List for quite some time, which used to be the go to spot for personals online.  The site looks nice, and has a good database of people who are searching for dates, partners, or just sexual pleasures.

The site appears to be safe and has some filters which makes it easy to think it’s filtering out the stalkers and people up to bad intentions, and you can use the site to explore your fantasies, whatever they may be.

double list

How To Use

You’ll have to open an account to get started.  The design leads you into this and helps you get educated, if you aren’t already, on sex.  Yeah, a little weird if you ask me.  However, with all of the things happening in the world, like changing from a man to a woman (thanks Kaitlyn Jenner), hey, you may just actually learn something perverted or deviant on Double List’s website.

You can also use the chat feature and talk to about anyone with a similar interest to you.  You can just send a message to their ads.

You can filter people by interests, sex, age, etc.  Pretty basic like other dating sites, but now you can search by stuff like if they are gay or not, etc.

The best filter perhaps is the geo location tool.  This way you can find users in your local area who are down to get together.  Every profile on this platform is verified by a phone number, so this shows people went through some degree of a process before getting fully registered. So that’s a bit of a comfort.

You can of course log on 24-7, 365 to find your love interests.  That should be obvious, but I like to add that.

The big negative here is that it’s a website but it does NOT have an app.

Who Hangs Out on Double List?

It’s a huge community of people on this website coming from different backgrounds and sexual orientations.  Anyone can find  someone no matter where they came from or which weird fetish they are into.  Of course, you’ll have to make sure you are clear on your intentions with someone because honesty goes a long way on any dating platform.

Watch out for scammers, however.  Any website is susceptible to phishing and catfishing. Be careful and don’t send nudes to anyone you can’t trust.  I often get sucked into women that have among the most massive boobs ever!

Which Cities is Popular for DoubleList?

Like any app, it’s got it’s pockets where people just tend to use this app over another app.  In terms of looking at trends I found the below on another website.  Credit:






Kansas City


San Diego





Las Vegas







Fort Meyers


New Orleans


New York City

If your City isn’t listed, it’s not because this website “doesn’t exist” there, let’s not be silly.  However, you never know if it’s widely used or not used at all.

I have seen other doublelist reviews that give many alternative websites to use instead of this one.  I’ll stop just short of doing that, because I haven’t fully vetted the other sites out there or seen what they offer, so I can’t give a full comparison.  I’d rather give my FULL review, rather than just say “oh use this site instead if you are looking for a relationship.” I like to vet them before putting them on the blogosphere, so that’s my full disclosure.

I’ll end in saying, in any online dating or meeting people environment, keep your guard up, be careful, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

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Okay, so I’m a really big fan of Wifey from Wifey’s World. Like, you have no idea how big of a fan I am! So big that I had to share my experiences using her site today. If you’re looking for a busty wife willing to fuck random dudes on camera, then you just hit the jackpot, my friend. Here’s my review of her, why I would do just about anything to have sex with her just one time.

Wifey's World

Wifey’s World Site Review: Enter And You’ll Never Leave

There’s just something nice about a couple that’s still in love after over 20 years of marriage. It doesn’t hurt when the wife is a total slut who’s only happy when her face is covered in thick gobs of her husband’s cum. That’s the kind of thing that you get to see on Wifey’s World.

This married couple has been making porn with each other since 1998 and they’re not showing any signs of ever stopping. They love what they do and they have the massive archive to prove it. One look is all you need to know that this is a marriage that you need to be a part of right now.

They Bring In Friends

Of course, marriage is always at its strongest when both people realize that sometimes they need to spice things up. That’s why they’re always bringing in their friends to help them fuck each other.

Whenever you see Sissy walking through the door, you know that you’re in for a good time. She just loves to get down on her knees and suck off the husband while the wife helps her. It’s only ever a question of who gets the majority of the load that they both suck out of it.

They Do It All

There isn’t any kind of sex that these two haven’t had before. You can find it all right here and you’ll never have to bother with another porn site again. There’s anal sex, handjobs, blowjobs, and plenty of tit jobs to go around.

This mature woman has a massive rack and she loves to use it to her advantage. Her tits are always front and center and she never hides them away behind a shirt. She wants your eyes on them at all times and it shows in everything that she does.

Join Wifey and Her Husband For Some Couples Fun Now

You can be a part of this couple right now. All it takes is a single click. You’ll get access to their 20 years’ worth of porn plus their constant updates.

You can get it all right now and even take advantage of this wifey’s world discount by purchasing the monthly offer.

You can get a bigger discount by taking the annual offer though, no doubt about that. Also, it’s important to understand that this discount is not going to last forever, so make sure you take advantage of it right now.

You’ll never regret heading into this world and you’ll never want to leave once you realize just how much fun it is to be a part of it. Get into this site right now and see what wifey has in store for you.

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Looking to try out the eBoob Store and all the content that the Score Group has created? Great, then this is where you really win big time! Oh, and by big, I mean big tits! I’ve covered it all here for you today.

eBoobstore homepage

Score Group Is Offering Big Discounts For Big Boobs at

You may or may not have heard of Score Group, but you’ve definitely seen their porn. In fact, any big boob lover has doubtlessly enjoyed the sweater meat that they’ve been serving up for years.

They’re one of the top big boob porn studios around and they have more than enough ways of getting it to you. You’ll find yourself gazing at some of the largest boobs in history all-time.

This isn’t just a single site that we’re talking about here. This is a network in its own right and they’re pretty much giving away access to everything that they have for you.

Get Over Nine Brands To Enjoy

Score Group is the umbrella that encompasses more than nine of the big porn sites that you love to visit. They have Leg Sex, Bootylicious, 60+ MILFs, 50+ MILFs, 40 Something, XL Girls, Naughty May, 18 Eighteen, and 40 Something.

There are more of them, but these are the sites that really run the gamut of every fetish out there. All of the Score Group porn ends up on a site called E Boob Store. It’s basically their storefront and that’s where you’re getting the discount. It’s a massive slash that’s giving you a massive archive of porn that you’ll need a few more lifetimes to get through.

Get What You Want

The best part about this whole thing is that you pick and choose the porn that you get. You don’t have to go in for the usual monthly membership here.

You can choose to just buy the porn scenes that you want to see. Once you get them, they’re yours forever. You can also get full-length porn movies to watch over and over again. It doesn’t stop there, either.

Like porn mags? Great! you can even get yourself some porn magazines. Just remember how exciting it was to walk into a store and check out the plastic-wrapped magazines like Naughty Neighbors and Voluptuous. You can feel it all again and you don’t have to worry about your parents finding them under your bed!

Get The Porn You Want Right Now

This isn’t a deal that you should let pass you by. It doesn’t matter what you’re into when it comes to women. You can find it all right here with these guys. They’re all just waiting for you to see what they have in store for you. Take advantage of this deal before time runs out and you’ll never regret it for a single, boob-loving, big tit mature second.

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Looking for the best adult hookup apps to get laid tonight? You’ve come to the right place. We have listed down the best in the business that we’ve come across after extensive research.  I’ve also 

The following apps are loaded with single adults looking for hookups. Try them one by one and you’re bound to find someone.

Which Sex Apps for Adults are the Best?


Mimitate is an app specifically designed for people who love Netflix, and Netflix and chill. It all starts with making a very light profile. Once done, you have to take a selfie and post it on the app telling others what you are watching. If someone is interested, they will imitate your selfie and tell you that they’re interested. From there you can set a date to watch Netflix together and maybe even chill in the background.


Down is a free app on iOS and Android. It automatically matches you with 10 individuals from your area. For example, if you’re looking for a date or a hookup, just specify what you need and you’ll be matched with the people who are looking for the same kind of fun. The app has nearly four million users from around the world so the chances of actually meeting someone is very high.



Disckreet isn’t free but you can acquire its membership for only $3 which is pretty good. It is actually a pretty useful app. You can add all your raunchy and sexy photos on the app and it will protect it with its life (read password).

The app isn’t essentially a dating app, but if you regularly sext with people on the internet, it can keep both of your photos well protected under a lock. You can only enter the app when both of you have put in your passcodes.


Happn is an app that lets you find people who you see on the road, public places, or on the subway. If you saw someone and liked them a lot, but had to run off somewhere, you can open the app and try to find him or her. The app basically matches you with the people you have run across if they’re on the app too. If the two of you were ever in the same area nearby – maybe you both take the subway to the work) it will count how many times the two of you were in the same area.

And when you feel the time is right, you can get in touch with the person by sending them a message.

Of course, you’ll find lists vary by taste, in the case of Casual Sex Calvin, he feels these are the top hook up apps:


With 200 million users, Blendr is a killer application for casual hookup and dates. You only have to open the app while you are out and about and it will try to match you with people nearby. Unlike other dating apps, you will not be required to add too many personal details. But you need to be ready when you turn the app on because if someone is indeed nearby, they won’t hesitate to walk up to you and start a conversation.

The only downside is that this app requires a monthly subscription which is as high as $70 for a full year of unrestricted access. But with a large member base, it ensures that you meet with someone as soon as you turn it on.


Pure is another adult dating app that cuts to the chase. It is meant to be used by people who are looking for quick hookups. All you have to do is download the app, kickstart it and upload a selfie of yours. Then once another member sees your photo, they can message you and the two of you can begin chatting.

However, the app limits your chatting activities to just one-hour in order to cut down on annoying conversations. So basically, the two of you have only one hour to decide whether you want to bang each other tonight or not. Pretty fast and simple.


If you have certain kinks and fetishes that you’d rather not share on other adult dating apps then Whiplr is a good place to start. It lets you reveal what you are interested in and most of the members are into kinky and wild fetishes. So if you’re in that kind of thing, then you’ll find plenty of fish on this app.

Whiplr is free-to-use but you’ll have to pay for a monthly subscription if you want to use the advanced features of the app. The free version only allows you to start 10 chat sessions a day and is limited to 100 profiles only.

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Join the website and get 39% off your monthly membership today. This is an exclusive big tits website with more than 700+ scenes and 65,000 images. Find out why so many consumers are choosing to get this membership versus all the other options out there in 2020. After all, this is one of the highest-rated big tit premium membership sites on the Internet today.

XX-Cel deal

XX Cel Big Discount For Big Boob Lovers

XX Cel is really where you need to be if you want to find out what to do with all those big boobs out there. There are way too many big boob sites that only exist to show you tits.

That’s not fun at all. You can’t just make big boob porn if you’re not doing anything special with them.

It’s like looking at a perfectly cooked steak dinner but not being able to eat it. You want to see those puppies get played with and massaged before the real action starts to happen.

Find Out How Much Fun Boobs Can Be

You’re going to be able to see it all here. These guys make sure to turn the boobs into the stars of the porn. You get to see those tits get sucked on until they’re red, raw, and begging for more. It doesn’t just stop there, though.

These are boobs after all.

They’re there for a purpose. You get to see the biggest boobs around get milked into tall glasses, bowls, and right into waiting mouths for your enjoyment. They’re just not a pair of boobs unless they’re producing some delicious and nutritious milk! Which, by the way, can you imagine dating a big tit girl you meet online who’s lactating? Sounds amazing to me!

It’s More Porn Than You’ll Need

None of this would matter at all if you weren’t getting enough porn. There’s nothing worse than joining a site only to find that it can’t keep you entertained for more than a night or two. You don’t have to worry about that here.

You’re getting over 700 porn scenes here. That’s a ridiculous amount of porn. That’s enough porn to keep you locked to your screen for weeks on end and that’s not all. You’re also getting over 65,000 pictures on top of the videos.

You can check out naked boobs no matter where you are and no one has to have any idea that it’s happening.

Get In Bed With These Amateurs

This deal is a no brainer. You’re getting tons of big boob amateurs who love to have their tits milked and massaged. You’ll never find a site that’s filled with more tit porn at a discount than you’ll find right here.

Just stop everything that you’re doing and get yourself onto this site right now. It has everything that you’ve ever wanted and you’ll never have to go anywhere else to get your boob fix ever again.

Looking for more discounts and deals? No problem. You can find them all right here.

bookmark_borderWhy Wives Gone Wild is a Huge Scam

If you are looking to meet Big Tit Queens like Lacey Wild on Wives Go Wild, you are going to be really dissappointed.  I had a chance to dive into the site and it’s pure trash. Today, I’ll share with you why I feel this way in this expose.

The Wives Go Wild Full Review for 2019

Over the course of the past many years, I’ve been trying and testing dating sites to find which ones are good, and which ones are set up as scam sites. I’ve learned a few very valuable techniques to instantly tell if a site is real or trying to scam its users.

I wasn’t always like this. I would sign up on a dating site to find a woman to have fun. But every time I paid the site some money, it seemed I was welcomed to a world where there really were no real women. All I ever found on these sites were fake profiles of hot women which were essentially bots.

But not all sites are like that. I’ve had a fair share of fun on the internet using these sites. Some are actually pretty good with real women and real intent to have fun and sex. If you’re clever and know what makes a site real, and what doesn’t, you too can find a lot of fun and actual real women.

I’ll be honest with you. I’ve been scammed several times on online dating sites. I love trying out new stuff and I am always looking for a site that can provide members with different traits and personalities.

Since the world of online dating is mostly populated with scam sites, I decided to review each and every site I test for you guys. The developers/owners of these sites have come up with clever ways to trick people into paying them money. But they can’t trick a man who knows the ins and outs of how this industry works.

So today I am reviewing, a site that I found out from reading fake reviews on the internet that sung praise of the site and nothing more. I could tell instantly from the reviews that something was wrong with the site. And today I intend to show you why wives go wild is a huge scam site.

WivesGoWild is Only After Your Money

I always tell my readers that you can easily find out if a site is trying to scam you or not by reading their terms and conditions. A site must provide details of their operations in this document otherwise they could end up in the court and could end up paying a huge fine because of how they are scamming people.  And I’m not the only one to say that, check out what Sex Dating Apps had to say.

So when you first open the site, you are welcomed with a short form of sorts that lets you register on the site for ‘free’. Now you and I know both that in the world of online dating, there are only a few sites that are actually free.

And naturally, when you sign up on for free, you enter the member’s area but aren’t allowed to use any of the features of the site. In fact, the site is using ages-old tactics to scam you by having fake profiles of women contacting you as soon as you sign on the site.

And if you try to talk back to these women, guess what happens? You are taken to a registration page where you are asked to pay a membership fee. The membership fee is as follows:

  • $2.47 to buy 3 days of trial membership
  • $17.49 to buy 30 days of membership on the site
  • $34.98 to buy 90 days of membership on the site
  • $60.00 to buy 180 days of membership on the site

But here’s the catch. As soon as you become a full member, the girl who contacted you disappears from the platform, just like that. These are in fact fake profiles set up by the site to encourage you to become a full member. If you don’t believe me, just read this excerpt from their terms and conditions.

“You acknowledge and agree that some of the profiles posted on the Website that you may communicate with as a Registered User may be fictitious. The messages they send are computer-generated. Messages from the user profiles we create an attempt to simulate communications so that should you become a paid Member you are encouraged to participate in more conversation and to increase interaction among fellow paid Members.”

Do you see what I mean now?

wives go wild review
She doesn’t look remotely wild, let’s be honest.

WivesGoWild has 90% fake profiles

Wivesgowild is an adult dating site scam. I have actually seen some real people on other sites that use these kinds of tactics to make you pay a membership fee, but nothing beats this site. It is 90% made up of fake and fabricated profiles. I was unable to find a single woman/man on the site who was actually a real person.

This is really sad since even though adult dating sites tend to scam you and still have some real people inside the site, this one is completely empty.

The worse part is that as soon as you become a full member, you are bombarded with additional computer-generated messages asking you to join sister sites of wivesgowild! This is just insane. I can’t believe people would fall for something like that.

So if you’re new and you’re wondering if wivesgowild is the site that you have always wanted to join because of the type of people it carries, then think again. This is one of the worst sites out there with the largest collection of fake and fabricated profiles.

There are plenty of other dating sites out there that have better older-women as members. At least they have real members. If you’re ever stuck wondering the site is real or not, just try reading the terms and conditions of the site and you’ll know half the truth about the site.

Next up, try joining sites that offer you a trial that allows you to communicate with the members at limited capacities. Real sites do not restrict your communications. They only ask you to become a full member if you want to use the advanced features of the site.

So, while I’m sorry for the disappointing news here, so I’m going to leave you with a great pic of a woman with huge boobs.  #RackCity

large breasts
Photo Credit: Daily Active

bookmark_borderLacey Wildd and Her Huge Boobs

If you don’t know who Lacey Wildd is, you simply aren’t into big tits like we are!

Her real name may be Paula Ann Simonds, but most people know her as Lacey Wildd, the busty reality television personality who has also done some modeling and appeared in some films.  She’s not scared to get some breast augmentations and other surgeries, and thanks to her ambitiousness to have that stance, we’re here blogging about her tremendous rack today and sharing some lovely pictures of her.

Who is Lacey Wildd?

She was born in 1968, making 51 years old in 2019.  She would definitely qualify as a MILF.  Even better yet, she has many online dating accounts and is looking for a man!

Lacey got popular when she appeared on the MTV documentary series called “True Life.”  She had A Cup breasts, but has since taken those puppies up to an LLL cup.  This took her 12 different surgeries, and the last reports we read, she was attempting to get up to a QQQ cup.  (Wikipedia had this information, we’ll scour for more up to date stuff and update this routinely.)  She talked about traveling to Brazil to do the surgery.

To keep her breast augmentations going strong, she had pig skin sewed inside of her abdomen.  Yes, pig skin.  She was commenting that they felt like “guitar strings.”  Additionally, she had a surgery to basically make her an internal bra that would ensure her skin supported her very large breasts.  Talk about a custom fit!

When she sleeps, she has to lie at a thirty degree angle, otherwise she gets the feeling like she’s “being suffocated.”  (Hey, I’d love to be suffocated by those big titties.)

Right now, her breasts weigh a whopping 42 pounds all together.  That’s like curling two 21 pound dumb bells.  I’d imagine motor boating those things would be interesting and possibly lead to a nose bleed?

Her story was also feature don the E! Network’s reality series called “Botched.”

In addition to her massive breasts, she’s had her buttocks enlarged, her eyes made wider, and even work on her nose, making it thinner, as well as other procedures.  All totaled, she has had 36 plastic surgeries.

She resides in Dania Beach, Florida, and in 2016 became a professional psychic.  She has six children, and on the MTV show “I Have a Hot Mom,” two of her kids, Tori, and Brandon, made comments basically talking about how she looks very fake.  She’s reportedly been married, which happened long ago at age 16, and had two of her children by 21.

Lacey Wildd Big Boobs Pics

lacey wildd boobs pic

Okay, well it wouldn’t be right to talk about all this titty and not show you the goods, right?  Enjoy these Lacey Wildd pics and videos.

lacey wildd pics

bookmark_borderFinding Big Tit Cougars on MilfPlay

If you’re tired of dating typical women with over the top demands and nothing to offer in return, then you have to try and date an older woman, specifically a milf. Dating a milf is one of a kind experience that I believe every man should witness firsthand at least once in his life.  In my quest to keep this site fresh with imagery of big boobs, I decided to go on a personal quest to find older women with big tits.  You may remember before I was looking for the same, back when I did this blog post.

Today, I freshen things up, in my review.  This one was a fun site to get into.  

In fact, once you date a milf, it is hard to go back to typical whiney young women. The great thing about hanging out with milfs is that they are straight forward in what they want. Also, their experience with flirting and sexual encounters is what really sets them apart from other women.

But finding a milf these days is a real challenge. These older women are living very busy and independent lives and they rarely find time to hang about in bars and clubs. So you have to do a little extra research and find them in places they like to go, which sometimes are just out of your reach. Or you may not have enough time to go to all of these places.

What I have learned from dating several milfs over the past few years is that the only way you can find them is through the internet. That’s right. Milfs are always looking for young men on adult dating website rather than going out and wasting their precious time.

If you’re tired of looking around for older women to have sex with, then welcome to Milfplay, an adult dating website made for older women looking to hang out with young men and heaven for men who want to have sex with horny milfs.

A lot of you have been asking me about milf dating websites and I have finally answered. In this review, I will be featuring Milfplay, the website I have used to date more than 10 milfs in the past few months!

So if you’ve been wondering if you should join Milfplay or not, here are my thoughts.

milfplay review
Find a sexy woman like this one, on

Milfplay Is a Gold Mine

For guys looking for milfs, this site is a gold mine. Trust me when I say that there are so many older women on the site that you’ll easily lose count of how many you encounter in a single day. Milfplay pride’s itself in being the only adult dating website that has the best milf members in the entire online dating community.

Why is Milfplay so popular? It is because the site is not only easy to use but also has many features that make searching for a potential partner a lot easier than other websites.

Here’s the thing, at the time when these women were born, there were no smartphones. So they usually struggle using dating apps on smartphones, but thanks to their professional life, they are well versed in using computers.

This is why you won’t ever find older women on dating apps like Tinder. Keeping this in mind, Milfplay has made its website extremely easy and simple to use. Anyone with basic computing knowledge can start using the site immediately.

The Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process at Milfplay takes only a few seconds. Once you visit the site, you arrive at the sign-up page which will ask you about your gender, who you are looking for, your age, your location, and your email.

Once you provide this information, you will become a free member on the site.

What Does the Site Offer to Free Members

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to see for free members. When you initially sign-up, you get access to a limited site where you can only see the home page. Viewing profiles, contacting members, or responding to messages and pokes are forbidden to free members.

One thing I noticed that really disappointed me was that I was greeted with several messages from random women even before I had made a profile. This is usually a sign that a site is trying to scam you. But after using so many sites like this, I have learned that this is just part of the adult dating world. Just ignore these messages because all of them will try to make you buy a subscription package.

In order to investigate the site properly, I decided to go with one of the trial packages. Here are the options you get when you try to become a paid member.

  • $6.98 for a 2-day trial membership to this site.
  • $14.04 for a 7-day trial membership to this site.
  • $49.30 for a 1-month trial membership to this site.
  • $98.68 for a 6-month membership to this site.
  • $169.21 for an 18-month membership to this site

Once you become a member, the full site features become available to you and you can finally view all the members and even talk to them or poke them.

Features of Milfplay

No adult site is complete without a set of good features. Milfplay has some of the best features I have come across. Their advanced search feature gives you so many filters to play with that you will eventually end up finding the perfect match.

Other than the many filters available through the advanced search feature, you also get a free video chat option. This allows you to instantly start a video session with any of the members on the site if they too have a webcam.

And during those days when luck seems to run out and you can’t find anyone, there is always the option of live girls through webcams on the site. This feature-rich sub-site of Milfplay has many members who run private cybersex shows for an additional fee. But it is well worth your money and time because the members are extremely hot.


Milfplay is one of the best sites out there to find older women to have sex with. I love the fact that it is easy to use and has a lot of good and genuine members. Their advanced search features have always helped me find the right woman in the past and I believe that once you try it out, you’ll never want to go to another site.


bookmark_borderView Big Boobs for Free on Cam Sites

When you want to see big boobs for free, what do you do?

(Please, leave us a comment.) 

In the past, it was digging into your Dad’s Playboy collection and turning the sometimes stuck together pages until you found a rack that you could connect with and stare at for a while.  These days, the Internet is a good place to find women with big jugs.  While we aren’t very graphic and try to keep this site reputable and above board, we do appreciate good tits and places you can find them.

So please, share with us your comments on where you go to find big titties.

Tits Meme

Today’s Big Boob Hack

Here is a hack that can get you to stare at a rack.

  1.  Fire up or your favorite browers.
  2. Type in “Big Tits Cam Sites.”

You will see many sites touting their cam services.  Most of you will think to yourself “webcams are paid services, and you said this was a free way to see big boobs.”

Well, fear nothing young grasshopper.  We have uncovered a way to find the tits of your dreams and not pay a red cent.

Simply visit the home page.  Click on any image.  You usually can even select something that you want to see in the ethnicity that you want.  Black, white, Latina, Muslim, etc.  Asian, you get the idea, they are all there.

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Until the next update, keep on the lookout for nice racks like Lacy Wilds.

bookmark_borderDating Advice: Using Confidence With Older Women

How confidence plays a role in dating older women.  Today I talk about something I touched on in my last update here, which is dating older women.

In particular, how you can use confidence to get whatever you want from an older woman.

Dating has evolved in recent years and perhaps because of the effects of literature and movies, young men are more inclined towards dating older women rather than women who fall in their own age group. There is a certain charm to this of course but it does come with its own set of rules which are not to be taken lightly.

In celebration of older women and big breasts, I present you this video:

Making Your Choice

It is important to have a preference just like you would have with women who were closer to your age. This preference can be according to a variety of factors such as appearance, personality, ethnic nationality and so on. Discuss with someone what makes you tick as this will give you a clearer idea of the kind of woman that would be perfect for you.

After this you can start visiting bars (like Hooters) or even the odd family gathering or two to meet new people. This can open a lot of doors as older women especially if they aren’t married or are divorced tend to linger at some parties because they are also looking to meet someone. It can be the perfect opportunity for you to strike up a conversation and get things started.

Another alternative which is fast becoming very popular everywhere as far as dating trends go is online dating. Online dating opens up a world of women, all of whom are eager to meet a nice man and land a date. These sites enable you to do location-specific searches which mean you can find a woman near you who wants to start dating again. Specific sites even cater to just older women and younger men and they are designed to make it easier for the two to meet and get to know each other.

Self- Confidence Is Key

Having a healthy sense of confidence never hurt anybody. Confidence is singularly attractive to all women of virtually all ages but especially so when they are older. This is because they have had a great deal of experience in their time and want to be with a man who knows exactly who he is. Very few women want to ‘mother’ the man into maturity and it can be very unattractive if this turns out to be the case.

Dress in a way which seems most appealing to you to catch the eye of older women and also brush up on your knowledge skills by watching the news and choosing a topic to read books on. Even if you can’t have a solid knowledge base you can definitely build one around a topic of specific interest. Not to mention how helpful that is for small talk.