Largest Boobs of All Time

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. Many women have average cup sizes but there are a few ladies out there that belong in the Guinness Book of World Records if they’re not in there already. Yes, I’m talking about the world’s largest boobs and the women competing for this trophy. Whether you’re a juggs head or not, facts are facts, and here’s what I know about the biggest boobies on the planet today.

biggest boobs ever

Biggest Boobs On The Planet

They say the bigger the better right? Well, I have to absolutely agree with that statement! When it comes to melons, juggs, big cans, massive tits, whatever you wanna call them – bigger IS BETTER. This is exactly why we’ve put together a list of the biggest busty chests in the world.



If you like big tits then chances are you know who Beshine is. She’s sporting a bra size that’s pretty damn massive – 27z. If you’re curious just how much saline her tits contain, each one of them has 10,000cc of saline. How big of a difference is this from the traditional implant? Well, most women get about 300cc on average. The 140-lb blonde babe has big tits for sure. Beshine just might have the biggest tits in porn today. I say that because so many of the models have stopped shooting.

lolo ferrari

Lolo Ferrari

I love Lolo Ferrari. She’s got huge boobs and is the poster for busty women. Lolo was born in 1963 and yes, her boobs hold world record status. She’s got the Guinness Book World Record for having the largest boobs in France. Lolo, unfortunately, passes away in 2000, at the young age of 37. The Daily Star covered her life story and it’s sad really. Aside from her dying, there is another sad part of all this. She had to take a lot of medication due to the pain that her breasts caused.

I should mention that Lola shot a music video too and it’s super grainy and old but worth the watch. Check out the video below. It’s called Airbag Generation…

lacey wildd

Lacey Wildd

The incredible Lacey Wildd is on a mission to have the best and biggest boobs in the world. At the young age of 48, she’s literally done more than a dozen breast surgeries, which is a lot. In fact, she has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on surgery. I believe about $300k roughly and counting. Lacey Wildd is obviously wild for big tits.

susan sykes

Susan Sykes

Have you ever heard of Susan Sykes? She’s a woman from Boston, MA (Red Sox Nation) who has major cans! She has 34m breasts and goes by the adult actress name of Busty Heart. Susan is known for breaking things with her boobs. I’m talking about crushing cans of soda even. Crazy, huh! Susan’s been on America’s Got Talent and yes, I believe she’s very, very talented! Love her!

I recently found the video featuring her on France’s Got Talent TV Show smashing things with her giant boobs. Check this video out below, it’s pretty crazy!

Haruhi Miwako

Haruhi Miwako

Next on the list is Haruhi Miwako who says she has some of the largest breasts on the planet. She’s got all-natural boobs that are honestly as massive as they come. They’re still growing and believe it or not, her breasts are so damn big, she might just need a reduction done to save her back! The busty Haruhi has a YouTube channel where she plays video games and shows off her big breasts. Check it a video below of her playing Resident Evil with her tits popping out of her shirt!


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In the meantime, please enjoy this video!