Lacey Wildd and Her Huge Boobs

If you don’t know who Lacey Wildd is, you simply aren’t into big tits like we are!

Her real name may be Paula Ann Simonds, but most people know her as Lacey Wildd, the busty reality television personality who has also done some modeling and appeared in some films.  She’s not scared to get some breast augmentations and other surgeries, and thanks to her ambitiousness to have that stance, we’re here blogging about her tremendous rack today and sharing some lovely pictures of her.

Who is Lacey Wildd?

She was born in 1968, making 51 years old in 2019.  She would definitely qualify as a MILF.  Even better yet, she has many online dating accounts and is looking for a man!

Lacey got popular when she appeared on the MTV documentary series called “True Life.”  She had A Cup breasts, but has since taken those puppies up to an LLL cup.  This took her 12 different surgeries, and the last reports we read, she was attempting to get up to a QQQ cup.  (Wikipedia had this information, we’ll scour for more up to date stuff and update this routinely.)  She talked about traveling to Brazil to do the surgery.

To keep her breast augmentations going strong, she had pig skin sewed inside of her abdomen.  Yes, pig skin.  She was commenting that they felt like “guitar strings.”  Additionally, she had a surgery to basically make her an internal bra that would ensure her skin supported her very large breasts.  Talk about a custom fit!

When she sleeps, she has to lie at a thirty degree angle, otherwise she gets the feeling like she’s “being suffocated.”  (Hey, I’d love to be suffocated by those big titties.)

Right now, her breasts weigh a whopping 42 pounds all together.  That’s like curling two 21 pound dumb bells.  I’d imagine motor boating those things would be interesting and possibly lead to a nose bleed?

Her story was also feature don the E! Network’s reality series called “Botched.”

In addition to her massive breasts, she’s had her buttocks enlarged, her eyes made wider, and even work on her nose, making it thinner, as well as other procedures.  All totaled, she has had 36 plastic surgeries.

She resides in Dania Beach, Florida, and in 2016 became a professional psychic.  She has six children, and on the MTV show “I Have a Hot Mom,” two of her kids, Tori, and Brandon, made comments basically talking about how she looks very fake.  She’s reportedly been married, which happened long ago at age 16, and had two of her children by 21.

Lacey Wildd Big Boobs Pics

lacey wildd boobs pic

Okay, well it wouldn’t be right to talk about all this titty and not show you the goods, right?  Enjoy these Lacey Wildd pics and videos.

lacey wildd pics