Dating Advice: Using Confidence With Older Women

How confidence plays a role in dating older women.  Today I talk about something I touched on in my last update here, which is dating older women.

In particular, how you can use confidence to get whatever you want from an older woman.

Dating has evolved in recent years and perhaps because of the effects of literature and movies, young men are more inclined towards dating older women rather than women who fall in their own age group. There is a certain charm to this of course but it does come with its own set of rules which are not to be taken lightly.

In celebration of older women and big breasts, I present you this video:

Making Your Choice

It is important to have a preference just like you would have with women who were closer to your age. This preference can be according to a variety of factors such as appearance, personality, ethnic nationality and so on. Discuss with someone what makes you tick as this will give you a clearer idea of the kind of woman that would be perfect for you.

After this you can start visiting bars (like Hooters) or even the odd family gathering or two to meet new people. This can open a lot of doors as older women especially if they aren’t married or are divorced tend to linger at some parties because they are also looking to meet someone. It can be the perfect opportunity for you to strike up a conversation and get things started.

Another alternative which is fast becoming very popular everywhere as far as dating trends go is online dating. Online dating opens up a world of women, all of whom are eager to meet a nice man and land a date. These sites enable you to do location-specific searches which mean you can find a woman near you who wants to start dating again. Specific sites even cater to just older women and younger men and they are designed to make it easier for the two to meet and get to know each other.

Self- Confidence Is Key

Having a healthy sense of confidence never hurt anybody. Confidence is singularly attractive to all women of virtually all ages but especially so when they are older. This is because they have had a great deal of experience in their time and want to be with a man who knows exactly who he is. Very few women want to ‘mother’ the man into maturity and it can be very unattractive if this turns out to be the case.

Dress in a way which seems most appealing to you to catch the eye of older women and also brush up on your knowledge skills by watching the news and choosing a topic to read books on. Even if you can’t have a solid knowledge base you can definitely build one around a topic of specific interest. Not to mention how helpful that is for small talk.