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FRB special report
12th Annual BCS Finals Close out the Holiday the Season

For climbers, the winter season often means spending more time in the gym. Over the last 12 years the Boulder Rock Club’s winter climbing series (BCS) has given climbers one extra reason to get indoors and continue to push themselves while celebrating their love of the sport. The Boulder Rock Club prides itself in hosting the series and goes to great lengths to make sure the local climbers have a great experience. This year proved to be no exception. As result of the hard work on behalf of BRC and continued growing interest in the sport of climbing, this year’s turnout was higher than previous years.

The leading appeal and reason for the success of the BCS series is that no matter the ability or time spent pursuing the sport, competitors can come and enjoy a great outing in the company of like-minded people. Tan enthusiastic crowd is focused on setting new goals for themselves while reveling in seeing others also pushing their limits. Cheers and outcries pour out from the crowd as climbers exert everything they have to make one last hold. From the father and son who just started the sport to the seasoned athlete who has been training since last year’s event, all have a good time simply from the fact they are spending time together and seeing each other succeed on whatever level they are at.

The BCS is also a success because the Boulder Rock Club takes the time to improve the experience year over year. To improve the experience the BRC listens to the climbers and takes this feedback very seriously.  The evolution of the series has been ongoing and continues into future events. With many happy competitors, word of mouth has had a big impact on the turnout. One change this year was that the event was hosted over two nights, featuring one evening for adults and one for the youth. This change was welcomed and drew out more individuals for each night. The feedback also extends to the route setting. This year more routes were added, helping to spread out the crowd and creating fewer lines for each. Additionally, this year featured more climbs in the 5.11 to 5.12 range, as this is the grade climbers have expressed the most interest in. The route setters at the BRC are not confined by or regulated to a particular style. It’s this drive to create a relationship with the community, to listen to feedback for improvement, and the desire to create the best climbing experience that has created many loyal members.

Supporters of the BRC and to the BCS  are drawn by the diversity of routes to be found. Route setters at the BRC are encouraged to explore their own personal style; whether crimpy, technical, gymnastic, slopey or other type. Being able to find this diversity is a reported favorite aspect of the experience the BRC offers to its members.

Beyond the satisfaction of competing, climbers take advantage of many great prizes and awards at the event. This year featured a 6 month membership, tents, harnesses, shoes, ropes and other quality outdoor equipment from the well known brands of Black Diamond, Sterling Ropes, Marmot and La Sportiva.

For those new to the sport or who are looking to step up their game in the coming season the Boulder Rock Club offer world class trainers, with expertise in resistance training,  injury prevention, and climbing instruction.  Start the new year out with some of the best instructors in the industry. Check out the personal trainers online at totalclimbing.com or stop in and talk to one of the friendly persons at the front desk.

- Jeff Williams



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