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Hello Hello Hello

Nina Williams
- October 27, 2011

Nina Williams
Nina Williams Nina Williams Nina Williams Nina Williams

FRB: Name?

Nina: Nina Williams.

FRB: Age?

Nina: 21.

FRB: Height/Weight?

Nina: 5' 3"/120 lbs.

FRB: Location?

Nina: Greeley/Fort Collins, CO.

FRB: Web site/Blog?

Nina: ninawilliams.tumblr.com.

FRB: Occupation?

Nina: Student/Climbing Coach/Route Setter.

FRB: How did you get into climbing, Nina?

Nina: I started out when I was 12 on an outdoor wall in New Hampshire... there was no line so the attendant let me climb over and over again. I did the "hard" one pretty easily and thought, 'wow, maybe I can get good at this!'

FRB: Who was the most important influence in your early years, Nina?

Nina: My coaches played a major role, and still do to an extent. They encouraged me to always do my best and keep a positive attitude.

FRB: What kind of climbing do you prefer?

Nina: Bouldering all the way! I like sport climbing too, but I want to focus on bouldering now while my body can still take the abuse.

FRB: You like comp climbing. Tell us about that.

Nina: I really enjoy being competitive with myself and seeing how far my motivation and skill can bring me, so competitions are my outlet for that. I also just love the energy from having a lot of psyched people in the same room!

FRB: Do you do any specific training for comp climbing?

Nina: Not at the moment, other than climbing a lot in the gym and getting comfortable on plastic. I try to pinpoint my weaknesses and work to improve them. During an actual comp I try to focus mentally by controlling my excitement and keeping positive.

FRB: What is a typical climbing day for you, Nina?

Nina: If I'm not training I'll warm-up and then hop on anything that looks fun, indoor or out... pretty typical. I'm always late so I have to plan as if I'm getting there 30 minutes early... then I'll be on time.

FRB: How would explain your climbing style?

Nina: Precise and controlled.

FRB: You have a very controlled and elegant style of climbing.
          Where/how do you learn it, Nina?

Nina: One of my coaches once told me to always climb pretty, and I've stuck to it to this day! I learned through a lot of experience and practice, focusing on body awareness and tension.

FRB: What would you suggest to others to climb as elegant and controlled?       

Nina: Again, focus a lot on body awareness. Always know where all your limbs and digits are at all times on the climb, and learn how to control them unconsciously. Footwork is also important, and ab strength.

Resident Evil V10, Joe's Valley, UT. photo by Beau Kahler
Nina sends Resident Evil V10, Joe's Valley, UT. photo by Beau Kahler

FRB: Where do you like to climb outside, Nina?      

Nina: I love RMNP and the Poudre Canyon, there's always good stuff to be found there. My favorite so far is the sandstone at Joe's Valley, though.

UnKnown V8 in Arcadia, Maine. photo by Nick Vlachos Speed of Life V10, Farley Ledge in Massachusetts. photo by Nick Vlachos
UnKnown V8 in Arcadia, Maine.
photo by Nick Vlachos

Speed of Life V10, Farley Ledge, Mass.
photo by Nick Vlachos

FRB: What are some of your better sends, Nina?

Nina: I recently sent Resident Evil and Fingerhut on my last trip to Joe's, my firsts of the grade, as well as Worst Case Scenario. It was a good weekend  :)

FRB: Who do you climb with these days, Nina?

Nina: A bunch of scummers out of Fort Collins :) and anyone who wants to get outside!

FRB: What have you learned from your climbing partners?

Nina: Always bring an extra belay device... always. Also, a good spotter is a good friend and vice versa.

FRB: What are some of your favorite moments in your climbing career?

Nina: Some of my favorite moments were spent climbing in a small area in Rhode Island called Purgatory, right next to the ocean. The rock was a little chossy and broke a lot but it was so relaxing and fun. Also, sending my first V10! :D

FRB: Do you have any projects right now, Nina?

Nina: Not really, I've mainly been focusing on competitions. Whenever I go outside I get on whatever looks fun, but there's no pressure to do a specific project.

FRB: What are some of your goals in climbing?

Nina: I want to reach the best of my abilities through a lot of hard work and dedication, and to know that I earned it. I also want to support anyone who shares my love of climbing because its so AWESOME! This is a hard question, I have a lot of goals every day.

FRB: What drives you to succeed, Nina?

Nina: Climbing, and everything about it. It is pretty much my whole life.

Big Joe V7, Joe's Valley, UT. photo by Beau Kahler
Nina sends Big Joe V7, Joe's Valley, UT. photo by Beau Kahler

FRB: What else do you besides climb?       

Nina: I love to snowboard in the winter and backpack in the summer. I like washing dishes, believe it or not! I read a lot of books a million times over and spend way too much time on the internet.

FRB: What are some of your other goals in life?       

Nina: To go on a long climbing road trip, and to swim in ocean waters that are above freezing. Also to own a cat named Sushi.

FRB: You rep for Vertical Girl. Tell us about that gig.       

Nina: It's awesome! I am super psyched to have the opportunity to work with and represent them. I love the message that Vertical Girl is sending out to the women of the climbing community, that climbing doesn't have to be intimidating and that we can achieve so much if we believe in ourselves. The Vertical Girl clothing is comfortable, versatile, and flows well with the movement of climbing.

FRB: Who else do you rep for, Nina?       

Nina: I also rep for Five Ten climbing shoes and VLine chalkbags and crashpads.

FRB: Do you have any outrageous climbs or projects
          that you're ramping up for?

Nina: The only outrageous thing I'm ramping up for is getting on a rope. I haven't been consistently leading for the past 5 years-ish but I need to improve my endurance, so... gotta suck it up and tie into the sharp end!

FRB: What do you want to be doing 5 years from now, Nina?       

Nina: Climbing my heart out, still competing, and traveling the world.

FRB: 10 years from now?       

Nina: Still climbing of course, maybe competing every now and then, but focusing on coaching and continuing to be the best brand ambassador I can be for the companies I am with.

FRB: What impact do you want to have on the climbing world, Nina?       

Nina: I want to show women how empowering and incredible climbing can be, and that we don't have to be the weaker sex. I just want to be myself, and hope to inspire the same goal in others.

FRB: Thanks for the interview, Nina.       

Nina: You're welcome. Thank you.

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