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North Shore: Button Rock Boulders

Button Rock Boulders overview
Button Rock Boulders overview
 Down the hill, west of Lion's Den and Antelope Ridge, the Button Rock Boulders offers steep granite as sharp as Joshua Tree. The best boulder so far probably is South Beach. Although it can be hot in summer and there's rattlesnakes, the BRB makes for a great day of fresh granite and those Collin Lantz areas are just a short hike up the hill. A half dozen rocks have been unearthed so far with potential for more.

Getting There: 20 or 25 minutes
The trailhead for the Button Rock Boulders is 6.5 miles from Lyons, Colorado.
From the town of Lyons, which is north of Boulder 15 miles on Highway 36, go
right at the junction of Highways 36 and 7 heading towards Estes Park. At 3.7
miles, turn left at the Shelly Cottages sign onto the Longmont Dam road
(County Road 80). Follow the dirt road to its gated dead end and park. Pass
through the gate and walk up the dirt road, past the River Wall climbs and the
spillway falls from the Longmont Reservoir, for about 15 minutes. On the left
just after a crisscross wood fence is the Sleepy Lion trailhead. Hike up the
Sleepy Lion trail for about 60 feet then drop down left into a draw along a very
obscure trail. Hike up the draw past the old saddle next to a rock and continue
until you run into the 'old' Sleepy Lion trail. Go left (east) along the trail for a
few minutes until the rocks start to appear on the right.

South Beach Boulder
The South Beach Boulder
North Shore Boulder
The North Shore Boulder


Whale Boulder
The Whale Boulder
North Beach
The North Beach Boulder

The Sloop Boulder
The Sloop Boulder

Good stone. Varied positioning. Easy approach.
Solitude location. Small Sport Crag nearby.
Fresh granite with potential for more exploration.
Fishing nearby.

You have to hike a little bit. Not enough problems
yet. It can be very hot in summer. Rattlesnakes.
Some problems are still dirty.

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