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  Terrain Boulders, AKA Droegerland - Bear Peak

Bear Peak in the Flatirons Tucked away in the southern Flatirons above Boulder, Colorado is yet another new wealth of boulders problems known as the Terrain Boulders. The problems have all been done with the utmost respect for the rock (no chipping) and the fragile surroundings should be treated with the same care (stay on trails, pack out your trash, etc.). People have been bouldering here for some time, and a handful of nice, low traverses were done, but the majority of the tall, hard problems have been bum-rushed with more modern technologies such as crash pads and spotters.

Pros: Peaceful setting, varied bouldering and a handful
         of stout test pieces to hurl yourself at. Good rock.
Cons: Can stay snowy (rocks are in trees)
          30 minute approach, some sharp grips.

 How to Get There:
 Take Table Mesa Drive west past King Soopers, and take a left onto Lehigh Drive
after about 1 miles. Go up (south) on Lehigh for less than a mile and take a right on
Cragmoor near the top of the hill. Drive to the end of Cragmoor and park in the cul-de-sac.
Hike up the north fork of the Shanahan trail. At the Mesa trail go left (south), descending
into a gully and climbing a hill out of it. Once at the top of the hill go right (west) and
follow a faint trail past cairns for about ten minutes (roughly 300 yards)
The Bob Boulder is in the meadow down the hill to the south. The rest of the boulders
are northish, hidden in the forest almost up to the base of the Flatirons:
(The Slab, Shanahan Crags)

  Overview of the Terrain Boulders

Full Terrain Overview:
Full overView

Main Area Overview:

Main Area

Nipple Boulder
Small, not too good boulder hidden
in the forest   towards the gully.
1. The Nipple * V2
2. Undone sit start thingy

The Bob Boulder
3. All About Bob * V2
4. What About Bob *** V5 Up to the hueco, right
     through crimps way up. Colorado Top 10!
5. Bob Hopes ** V6 Up to hueco and left into #6.
6. Railing Bob ** V5 SE corner. Up rails on arete.
7. Bob Spelled Backwards ** V2 Up the narrow dihedral.
8. Bob in a Blender * V4 Sharp.

Bob Boulder
Miah on Bob Boulder
Funk Soul Boulder
9. Madam Assey ** V0- South slab.
10. Schnitzel Bock * V2 Upper traverse. Go left to right and finish up #14.
11. Schweinhund V9 butt-dragger low traverse.
12. V1 * Stand start and up.
13. Funk Soul Roof * V4 Sit start @ pockets and pull straight up.
14. V2 * Sit start and go up slopers.

Fairview Boulder

4 Her Pleasure
Miah on 4 Her Pleasure, V-4
     Big boulder, but so forested that
     all you see from the top is Fairview H.S.

15. Kleine Schlampe ** V3 Start low in crack and       traverse L. through crimps and up.
16. Eara Fuchin Schmuckin *** V3 Traverse L. to
      end of crack then straight up jugs and flakes.
17. Shoots and Ladder *** V5 Sit start in crack,
      move up and right through sloper, the up!
18. Snuff V1 Sit start NE corner.
19. Parasol *** V5 Sit start under roof and pull up
     and over.
20. Corner V2 Dirty.
21. Kenny G's Meat Whistle ** V8 Start low under roof
      on underclings and pull past very small holds.
22. Plush ** V7 Low start. Sloper with crystal and over
      bulge to top. 23. Shag * V3
24. Very Short Fat Man V4 Traverse L. and up.
25. For Her Pleasure * V4 Sit start past sharp pockets
      and up ribbed bulge.
26. GFP. ** V1 SW corner.

Tower of Power AKA Miah In A Blender V-10
Miah on the Tower of Power V10
AKA Miah In A Blender
Animal Chin Boulders (Massive!)
27. Ejector Seat ** V6 Start at R. and move up
     and left to gain the corner. Pull over.
28. HighBall/Solo V5 *** Delicate moves up high.
29. The Tower of Power (AKA Miah In A Blender) V10
      Start low, finish high. Outstanding! ***
30. It Satisfies ** V5 Start low in the small corner.
     Up to ramp. Keep going up up up.
31. Under The Influence ** V2 The line of least       resistance. An idiot would do it drunk.
32. Traverse from #29 and top out on big holds.
      Pumpy. * V4
33. Left Corner * V? Sketchy rock.
34. Trench Mouth ** V2 Move up crack systems
      to flakes. Slab top out.
35. V3 *** Slab/bulge on good holds. HighBall !
Bonsai Boulder
Take care of the Bonsai-looking pine tree @ base.
36. Nice undone line to the left of tree.
37. Wax On ** V3
38. Wax Off ** V2 Up and right to top out.

Terror Slabs Boulder
Lots of scary slabby potential.
39. Railing Cantaloupe ** V4 Start in underclings
      and move out and up high south face

Upper Area
Upper Terrain Boulders The Love Boat
Big! If it were 1985 this would be bolted.
40. SE Corner V3
41. High bulge with much potential. Fantastic!
42. Hot buttered Cock Porn ** V4 High and      scary L. of tree.
43. Tall Boy *** V3 Right of tree. Up to big       undercling, past two ledges and slightly
     right to finish.
44. Glass Plate ** V3 Past laybacks,       underclings and up.
45. Famous V5 *** V4 Up to small
      undercling. Crimps to top.
46. NE Corner ** V7 Undercling and
     shallow, sharp dishes. Finish to left.
47. Having A Moment *** V4 Wavy north face.
48. Limbo Stick * V4 NE facing problem just
      down and N. of LoveBoat. Layback to
       tricky topout

 The following are on boulders
 south-westish up to top of hill

49. Having A Moment *** V5 A stellar line going way up pockets
     on the L. side of the W. face.
50. Paulious Maximus * V4 Sit start up south face.
51. Uberhangin * V3 Up overhang past pockets (W. facing)

 See topo to find the following:

  • Northwest of here is a good east facing diamond-shaped wall with crimps. V5
  • Down to the south is the south facing Rice Wall with thousands of good pockets
    for the avid contorted boulderer.
  • At the base of the Shanahan Crag is a N. facing Ghetto-like slot with:
  • 52. Ghetto In A Blender * V4

North Area

North Terrain Boulders  There is much development
  to be done in this area.

53. & 54. Technical Toe Dance
  Slabs * V3
55. Arete Traverse V0

 Evil Kinevil Boulder
 Put on yer jumpsuit fer this one!
56. Evil Kinevil *** V3 Up the middle
      of the face through pockets and
57. Evil Twin ** V5 Up tallest line.
      Big move at top

 The Millennium Falcon
Huge SE facing overhang,as if Hans     lost control and crashed to earth.
58. Hand Solo ** V4 Start in slots
      move up, then left. Exit above
      boulder. Don't touch back!
59. Undone Traverse from #58
      and top out #60!
60. Spewbacka *** V5 You'll want
      Moses with you when you top
       this one out.
61. Princess Layme ** V4 Start low
      and move right to the ramp on
      N. end. Then straight up.
62. Sit start on little boulder up to
      NW before dropping to..

 The Death Arete Grotto
Jay Droeger on Alpine Pansy
Jay Droeger on Alpine Pansy V5
    This is a little hike through the thick
     forest down to the North. Worth it!

63. Somebody traversed through the
      Cave and up *? V?
64. East Face Center ** V3
65. Start #66, to slot in face, dyno to #64 **
      V6 to V10, depending on your height.
66. Alpine Pansy *** V5 Technical, devious,      strenuous... and absolutely mortifying arete.

Brian Kimball on Black Ice V10
Brian Kimball on Black Ice V10
  Black Ice V10/11
Black Ice is a brilliant new addition from local Will LeMaire. Will found the problem & hiked up there by himself many days before the ascent. Black Ice may be the best problem in the Flatirons. There has been a lot of speculation about the grade but it seems to have settled around V10/11. It is located in Fern Canyon. The easiest way to ge there is to follow the directions to the Terrain Blocks. When you get to the base of the Great Slab, the trail to the Terrains heads left. Take the right hand fork right for Black Ice. You will follow this trail for about a quarter mile down and up a gulley before interescting the Shanahan Trail. Continue left, or uphill until you come to an obvious, bolted, red arete on the right side of the trail. Black Ice climbs out the roof on the left side of the trail. It starts in the very back on a bread loaf pinch & comes straight out the roof. A sit-start was added by Brian Kimball which adds several moves of pump by climbing through the starting footholds.


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