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    West Ridge Traverse
J.B. on the West Ridge Traverse V-5
JB. on the West Ridge Traverse V-5
  Discovered in the mid 1980's by John Baldwin. The West Ridge Traverse V5 is usually done right to left and features a sit start just left of the tree. Work through 50 feet of crimpers, cracks, crystals, and jugs staying below 6 feet up. You'll need crack climbing technique to do the crux moves. Either step-off at the end or go back. There is also a handful of vertical lines with mostly bad landings.

  Getting There: 5 or 10 minute hike
The West Ridge Traverse is less than a half a mile
from the entrance of Eldorado Canyon State Park.
Either cross the bridge at the Bastille and hike west along the Stream Side Trail on the north side of the river, eventually scrambling over the toe of the West Ridge and then hike up less than 100 feet to the traverse. Or, drive .4 miles from the Park entrance to the Milton Rock and park. Then cross over the creek and hike up a few minutes to the traverse which is right off the trail.

The hike in to the West Ridge traverse, Eldorado
The West Ridge Traverse approach

Quick, low to the ground traverse. Makes
a good warm-up for Germ Free Adolescence.
Sunny. Short approach and a flat landing.
As good as anything on Flagstaff.

You have to get your feet wet crossing the creek. The finish is still dirty. Rock fall potential above. Bad landings for the vertical lines.

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