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Eldorado Springs Canyon
Redgarden Wall, Naked Edge, Eldorado Springs
The Naked Edge, Redgarden Wall
Eldorado Canyon State Park, 7 miles southwest of Boulder, is nothing short of legendary. It's known for its enchanting ambiance, necky trad leads, historical first ascents and beautiful sandstone. Towering up to nearly 800 feet tall the walls of Eldorado have been the site of some of Colorado's most important climbs like The Naked Edge. And now some of the most significant new bouldering like Midnight Frightening and Elegant Universe.

     The fabled Cloud 9
The legendary Cloud 9, Eldorado Mtn.

Recently, other bouldering possibilities above the canyon both to the north and the south have been explored. The four newest areas to have seen serious development are Cloud 9, the Rincon Boulders (aka the Musical Boulders), the Physical Boulders, a half hour hike up Eldorado Canyon trail, and the Freight Train, a 15 minute hike from the Crescent Meadows trail head. And Hazard County. Click to view Google map.

Cloud 9 is on hold because of sensitive access issues. However, there are equally worthy bouldering areas in Eldorado Canyon State Park and on nearby state land. The "Rincon Boulders" offer face climbing on perfect stone above soft landings. The Physical Boulders sport the incredible maroon stone of the consistently overhanging Nightmare Block. And for a change of pace, The FreightTrain offers killer moves on brilliant granite.
New Eldorado bouldering
New Eldorado bouldering
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West Ridge Traverse Eldorado Springs Mickey Mouse, good trad climbing Crescent Meadows trailhead The Pink Trail Cloud 9, behind the summit of Eldorado Mountain Rincon Boulders Physical Boulders, north west Eldorado FreightTrain Cloud 9 Rincon Boulders, west Eldorado click to go to the Google map for Cloud9