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Hello Hello Hello

Fly through Airport Security! Trevor Turmelle - 2001
Wyoming boulderer & developer of Vedauwoo

Trevor Trevor Trevor Trevor Trevor

FRB: How did you get into climbing Trevor?

Trevor: I used to work in Yellowstone and a friend I worked with took me out to this place called the Hoodoos near Mammoth and I remember it just being a good time hanging out in a beautiful place and I wanted to do that many times over. I have done that, hang out with my friends in amazing places.

FRB: Who were some of your early mentors?

Trevor: I have to give it up for the whole Exposure crew in Houston, Texas. You wouldn't think it with the closest real rock almost 200 miles away, but those folks are genuinely psyched for climbing. It's like this little oasis in the midst of an urban hole. Those guys are also sickly strong, I go home and just get worked. It's great.

FRB: Who do you climb with usually?

Trevor: Specifically, I have been climbing with Justin Gonzales for about 3 solid years now. But there is a crew from Laramie and Casper that stick pretty close. The "307" thugs are like family, you people (you know who you are) are my reason and motivation for climbing these silly boulders.

FRB: Have you done any first ascents?

Trevor: I have done quite a bit of stuff up at Vedauwoo and Bennett Peak in Wyoming.

FRB: How often do you climb?

Trevor: I am in the gym two days a week and outside about two days as well.

FRB: Do you have any 'heroes' in climbing?

Trevor: I admire these people in the gym who "suck" but are in there 3 times a week and they kick their feet, have the worst technique, and can't grab onto anything unless it's a jug, but are in there working on it. They put their hearts into it --I gotta respect that.

FRB: What are some of your favorite moments
          in your climbing career?

Trevor: That beautiful day when it's you and your friends, nothing else to do until the sun goes down and these boulders with aesthetic moves on it to climb.

FRB: What changes would you like to see
          in the climbing world?

Trevor: People relaxin'. It's becoming more and more common place now, but it used to be that everybody was runnin' around pissed because they couldn't do their problem. 'Dude, it's a ROCK, its not the end of the world if you can't climb it!'

FRB: Why bouldering instead of trad or Sport climbing?

Trevor: It's more accessible, you don't have to buy seventy 50 dollar cams, a problem doesn't take an hour, and if you don't like one problem, you could easily walk to the next one without much work. Actually, I like ridiculously easy long hand cracks, where you are basically karate choppin' your way up it.

FRB: What's going on up in Wyoming?

Trevor: Oh man, this is the question I really wanted. The answer: EVERYTHING! The most exciting thing is Micah Rush (owner of The Peak climbing gym in Casper) and I are planning the Wyoming Bouldering Series. It's been a long time coming on this. It will be five competitions held throughout the state this spring. Laramie, Jackson, Cody and possibly Lander will hold semifinal comps where competitors can earn points towards the championship the first Saturday in April at The Peak. It's going to be awesome. The purpose is mainly to build unity throughout the climbing community of Wyoming. Hopefully competitors will travel to the other gyms/comps to support and make more friends. Also, bouldering development in SE Wyoming is hectic. There are now several double digit problems up in Vedauwoo, whereas two years ago, none were climbed. It's exciting. Not that hard problems are a level of "development" because MANY problems of all levels are being climbed for the first time up here. The Snowy Range has been a very good surprise to the community here. It's been bouldered before(as a Gill arrow and Scott Blunk indicate) but to the Laramie people it was rediscovered. It is just a very tranquil place that makes for a beautiful day of fun. I encourage anybody to come up, come down and check out what Laramie has to offer for bouldering. In my mind, its one of the best in the Front Range.

FRB: Do you compete?

Trevor: I love doing the Boulder comps. The whole mob scene is great and when you throw in the DJ, it gets you pumped up to climb.

FRB: Where do you think the best bouldering
          in the Front Range is?

Trevor: For sheer amount, Vedauwoo no questions. For beauty and quality, the Poudre and Bennett Peak.

FRB: What are some things you don't like about
          the Front Range bouldering scene?

Trevor: Is there anything? Well, winter can get harsh.

FRB: What direction do you see bouldering going?
          What direction would you like to see it go?

Trevor: I think climbers need to lighten up on the whole "indoor climbing sucks" idea. Sure, I will pick outside over inside anytime, but if it's night, too cold or its your lunch break go to the gym and have fun, meet some people.

FRB: Do you have any projects right now?

Trevor: Well, I am in school right now, so yeah. I have a killer GIS midterm next week which will be pretty hard. As far as climbing is concerned, I really want to get this thing at the Dungeon in Vedauwoo called Iron Maiden. HOLY COW THAT THING IS RAD. I just can't do that second move for the life of me. Then linking it I'm sure will be very substantial. Stupid winter...

FRB: What are your long-term goals?

Trevor: To live my life as I feel led too. To put aside pressures from the outside and do the right thing so I can live with myself and be at peace.

FRB: What do you suggest to people who are
          just starting in climbing/bouldering?

Trevor: Don't get frustrated. There will ALWAYS be MANY people better than you. Think of it as recreation, not your all in all. If you can make a living recreating, consider yourself blessed.

FRB: Well, not all of us can get out to climb when
          we want to. And we have to somewhat train.
          What do you got for secrets, tips?
          What do you recommend?

Trevor: HAVE FUN. If you don't like something,
don't do it.

FRB: Thanks for the interview Trevor.

Trevor: No Problem.


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