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Hello HelloHello

Skyler Weekes
early August, 2007


FRB: Name?

Skyler: Skyler Weekes.

FRB: Age?

Skyler: 22.

FRB: Height/weight?

Skyler: 6'5", 175 lbs.

FRB: Climbing preference?

Skyler: Bouldering for sure. I don't even own a rope... ha-ha!

FRB: How did you get into climbing, Skyler?

Skyler: I got into climbing through boy scouts and birthday parties at rock climbing gyms. Just climbed a ton back in the mid west and made tons of road trips out west when I could.

FRB: Why dynoing? What makes you so good?

Skyler: I love the feeling and movement of dynoing and dynamics. My longer than usual body lends itself to this aspect of our sport. Being able to do what most say is impossible is a great feeling.

FRB: You got banged up at Teva a couple of years ago.
          Tell us about it.

Skyler: Yeah! I had a pretty nasty fall while dynoing through a roof. Swung out huge and landed upside down head first into the mats. Broke my spine at L2 and fractured the whole upper left side of my face. 6 intensive surgery and almost total facial reconstruction has taken place in the last 2 years. It's been quite a long journey back, especially getting over the fear of dynoing again.

FRB: You are sending all the dynos in the Front Range.
          Tell us about it.

Skyler: I've been training a bunch with Darren from Animal Strength and other friends and decided to go for the top three (in my mind) in one day. So I got together a bunch of friends and cameras and sent the Millennium Boulder dyno, White Man Can't Jump, and Double Clutch all rope-less in a day. It was a very memorable day for me. FRB was there for Double Clutch. The video is online courtesy of JvonD Productions.

FRB: Which of the dynos is the most difficult?

Skyler: I think Double Clutch may be. The jump itself isn't that bad, but the landing is terrible! I have a project in RMNP I've been working on for years. When it goes it will definitely be one of the hardest dynos anywhere in the country..

FRB: How do you train for dynos?

Skyler: For me it's all about practing the movement and the mental aspects. Once you tell yourself you can stick it and believe that, it makes everything easier. I've been doing a bunch of strength training with Darren from Animal Strength and it's helped a great deal.

FRB: Where do you see this going?

Skyler: Who knows!! For me it's all just about having fun right now. I'd like to take the limits of dynoing to a whole new level if I can. Climbing and dynoing for me is just all about testing yourself and having fun with your friends outside.

FRB: How did you overcome your fear and rise to the top?

Skyler: For me it was all about a passion for the sport. I've always known that if I really tried, I'd have a chance at holding the record. I think that having a good mental attitude of wanting to get back on the rock helped, and my friends and family were very supportive as well.

FRB: Thanks for the brief interview, Skyler.

Skyler: You're welcome.


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