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FRB Archives
Chris Sharma
PCA qualifier @ The Spot Gym - December 13, 2002

Sharma Sharma Sharma Sharma Sharma
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FRB: Chris, most people here know who you are
          and maybe know a little about you.
          Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Chris: My name is Chris, I'm 160 pounds, I'm 6 foot, and I like to meditate.

FRB: You're pullin down pretty hard tonight,
          what do you think of the competition
          and the setting?

Chris: So far so good, good atmosphere, seems like good vibes from everybody, havin a good time.

FRB: It looked like you walked a couple
          of the problems tonight?

Chris: Ya well, I'm just stoked to come out here and share some good energy with people, so, it's all good.

FRB: What kind of projects do you have
          going on right now?

Chris: I'm going to India in a couple of weeks, for a video project with Josh Lowell. That's gonna be really cool, stoked for that. As far as like individual climbing routes, or boulders, I don't have anything specific, just to keep it up, you know, enjoy it.

FRB: Are there any certain testpieces that you're
          going to try to tick, Like Dreamtime or
          something like that?

Chris: Well, I did Dreamtime recently.

FRB: You did, that's incredible!

Chris: I might go try a sit-down to No Additives in a couple of days, if it works out. That's pretty hard.

FRB: Are you going to be doing any climbing
          in town while you're here?

Chris: Uh, I'm not sure. Since I'm leaving in a couple of weeks, I want to get home and have some downtime, cuz I've been traveling for like the last three months, so just kind of psyched to just hang at home for a week before I take off for another big trip, so, we'll see how it goes.

FRB: Are there any new bouldering areas that
          you're psyched about, like have you been
          to So ILL?

Chris: No, I haven't been to So ILL, some day, I'd love to go.

FRB: You've had plenty of invitations, I'm sure.

Chris: Ya, good guys down there.

FRB: Have you done much climbing
          in Eldorado Canyon?

Chris: I did Wasabi Roof, and I did Desdichado, those are the two routes I've done. I'd like to do the Naked Edge sometime. Sounds like a classic.

FRB: Thanks for the interview Chris.

Chris: No problem.


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