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Scott Mechler - Bouldering course setter - April, 2001

Scott Mechler Scott Mechler Scott Mechler Scott Mechler Scott Mechler
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FRB: Most climbers in Boulder Know you but,
         some others might not. Who is Scott Mechler?

Scott: I'm a professional in all aspects of my industry.

FRB: How did you get into climbing Scott?

Scott: I 've always been into trying new things, So I went to this place where I heard you could climb the walls.

FRB: How did you get into

Scott: Always got to challenge yourself.

FRB: How many competitions have
          you set for?

Scott: I lost count, But some where near 35 or 40.

FRB: You're considered by many to be
          one of the best coursesetters in the
          country. What makes you so good?

Scott: Details.

FRB: How would describe your routes,
          (i.e..) What is a typical Scott Mechler
          route like?

Scott: Consistent, But I keep you thinking!

FRB: What makes for a good
          competition routes?

Scott: Consistency.

FRB: How do you come up
          with these great routes?

Scott: Secret Wu Tang training.

FRB: What Is the future of

Scott: I don't Know? Hopefully me.

FRB: What is the future
          of bouldering?

Scott: Commitment, Life or Death!

FRB: What are your favorite types
          of climbing holds?

Scott: Pusher. They are my paints as an artist.

FRB: what about crash pads...
          who makes the best crash pads?

Scott: Cordless.

FRB: What are the best shoes
          for indoor climbing?

Scott: I prefer the Scarpa Minima, Because of the sensitivity.

FRB: Have you competed?

Scott: When I can. Last week I got 5th and beat some of the East Coast pullers.

FRB: What is the best gym
          in the country?

Scott: There's a lot of good ones. It just depends what you are looking for.

FRB:What changes would you like to
         see in the typical climbing gym?

Scott: Taller bouldering.

FRB: What are some of your
          hardest sends?

Scott: V10's and some 13+'s.

FRB: Who were some of your early
          influences in your climbing career?

Scott: Obe Carrion. He and I have been down since day one!

FRB: How would you like to be remembered
          in the climbing world?

Scott: I made some of my friends more money by raising the standards of competitions.

FRB: There are many people climbing
          these days. What can be done to
          mitigate the impact to the environment?

Scott: Schools.

FRB: Thanks for the Interview, Scott.

Scott: You're welcome.


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