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Paul Robinson
 late March, 2007


FRB: Name?

Paul: Paul David Robinson.

FRB: Age?

Paul: 19 (08/28/1987).

FRB: Height / Weight?

Paul: 5 foot 10 inches 135 lbs.

FRB: Paul, how did you get into climbing?

Paul: I attended a birthday party of one of my good friends at the local climbing gym when I was about 12 years old. Since then I fell in love!

FRB: Where are you from Paul?

Paul: Moorestown, NJ.

FRB: You don't seem like you're from New Jersey.

Paul: My dad is originally from California and that is where I think I get my laid back attitude.

FRB: Do you live in Boulder now?

Paul: Yes, I live in the dorms, it kind of sucks but at least I am living in Boulder!

FRB: How did you get hooked up with Daniel Woods?

Paul: We met a while ago back at the JCCA nationals. Since then we have been climbing a lot together and traveling on road trips together. It has been a ton of fun climbing with him and being real good friends with him!

FRB: What have you learned from climbing with Daniel?

Paul: I have learned so much. He has really helped me with my climbing since moving to Boulder. Its great to have someone to climb with that is stronger than you and is always pushing you to climb better than you already do!

FRB: Who do you look to for inspiration, Paul? (besides Daniel).

Paul: I look up to a lot of people. I look up to my family for everything they have done to support me through the years and all the people out there that are climbing for the sole purpose of having fun. It is inspiring to watch anyone climb, in my opinion.

FRB: Where do you guys like to boulder?

Paul: I love to climb all over the Front Range, some areas I really like are Clear Creek, Eldo, RMNP, & Mtn. Evans.

FRB: Do you like to rope up as well?

Paul: I enjoy roping up inside solely for the purpose of increasing my endurance.

FRB: What roped climbs have you sent lately?

Paul: I have only roped climb 1 day outside this year. I only really boulder, but the day I did go out I sent this really cool 13a at the Anarchy Wall called Chaos.

FRB: What have you sent lately? (bouldering)

Paul: I just got the third ascent of Daniels boulder problem Echale in Clear Creek Canyon. Other than that I sent Black Lung a few weeks ago in Joe's Valley along with some other really fun problems there and in Hueco over Christmas break.

FRB: What are you working on these days?

Paul: Suspension of Disbelief, Eldo! I also am excited for the Park to dry out to be able to try the Green 45 Project some more this upcoming year.

FRB: What are some of your hardest sends, Paul?

Paul: Terre de Sienne V14
Echale V14
Circadian Rhythm V13/14
Nuthin But Sunshine V13/14
Black Lung V13
Diabolique V13
Roses & Bluejays V13
Agent Orange V13 (FA)

FRB: Are you going to climb in the Park this season?

Paul: I plan on hitting up the park in late august and also the beginning of the fall next year.

FRB: What project do you have in the Park?

Paul: The Green 45 Project is number one on my list right now!

FRB: What do you think can be done to mitigate misuse or overuse of the bouldering in the Park? (RMNP)

Paul: I think that bouldering in the park is a very special privilege that us as climbers have. We really need to stick to the trails and make sure to be careful when putting crash pads down over plant life. Other than that being nice to the rangers always helps.

FRB: You and DW have been going into Eldorado lately.
          What have you been sending in there, Paul?

Paul: Well we have just been getting shut down really. Haha, we have been working Suspension Of Disbelief. Hopefully it will go soon.

FRB: Have you heard about the need for permits
          to go off trail in West Eldorado?

Paul: No I have not.

FRB: You compete indoors. How do you do so well Paul?

Paul: I keep a cool head. I find this to be key. You just have to be able to keep a good head and you will be able to climb to your full potential.

FRB: What competitions have you won lately, Paul?

Paul: I won the Mammut SBS II finals at the Spot and the Mammut bouldering championships in NJ.

FRB: How do you train for indoor competitions?

Paul: I climb inside a lot! I also practice my power endurance by climbing on lots of hard boulders every night I go to the gym.

FRB: Which rock gyms do you go too, Paul?

Paul: I climb at CATS. It is such an amazing place to train and the people are always awesome to climb with as well.

FRB: What do you recommend to someone just starting out?

Paul: Climbing does not just click. It takes a lot of time to become actually good at climbing. Dedication is the key to climbing. You have to practice and practice and practice some more. Years of practice are all I can really recommend. Have fun with it as well, climbing is the coolest sport ever, right!?

FRB: What else do you besides climb?

Paul: I attend school at CU Boulder, I enjoy snowboarding very occasionally as well. Pretty much my whole life revolves around climbing.

FRB: How do you like to spend your rest days?

Paul: Resting? I do my homework usually on rest days and go on the computer a bunch. But I rarely do ever actually take rest days. Sometimes I like to hike around and find new boulders on my rest days, too.

FRB: What are your long-term goals?

Paul: I would like to stay healthy and keep getting stronger in climbing. I would love to find a sick new bouldering area as well.

FRB: Do you have any career goals yet?

Paul: I want to be able to financially live off of climbing for as long as I can.

FRB: Do you think you'll ever quit climbing Paul?

Paul: NO WAY!

FRB: The world seems to going to Hades in a hand basket.
          What do you think can be done to stop the madness?

Paul: The election of 2008, making it impossible for Bush to return to office.

FRB: What do you think young people can do to make
          the world a better place?

Paul: All people just need to do their part. This includes not littering and making sure to recycle to keep our beautiful planet the way it is. People need to concentrate on things like this or else the world we live in today will be not nearly as pristine when our grand children grow up.

FRB: Thanks for the interview, Paul.

Paul: No problem, Mike.


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