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Hello Hello Hello

FRB Archived Interview
Nate Gold

 mid February, 2005

Nate Gold
Nate Gold Nate Gold Nate Gold Nate Gold

FRB: Age?

Nate: 22.

FRB: Height?

Nate: 6 ft. 1 inch.

FRB: Weight?

Nate: 160-165.

FRB: Ape Index:?

Nate: 6 ft. 1 inch.

FRB: How did you get into climbing, Nate?

Nate: I saw the movie K2 and thought it was the coolest thing. When I was like 15 and a friend of mine brought me into a climbing gym in my home town and I was hooked.

FRB: Where do you like to boulder at?

Nate: I enjoy the free feeling of being outside and climbing everywhere.

FRB: Have you done any First Ascents?

Nate: Yes, I don't keep track.

FRB: Do you Sport or Trad climb?

Nate: I climb sport once in a while and trad usually no because my gear placement isn't good and takes to much time so I usually end up soloing.

FRB: What are some of your favorite
          roped climbing areas?

Nate: Thailand.

FRB: Who do you usually climb with?

Nate: My friends.

FRB: How did you hook up with Chris Sharma?

Nate: We met through a mutual friend staying at the same house on a climbing trip to France and became friends.

FRB: Do you compete indoors?

Nate: I have been for the last 4 years.

FRB: What do you do to train for competing?

Nate: strength and agility training, campusing, yoga, climbing (of course), and I hike a lot with my dog.

FRB: What training techniques does Animal Strength use?

Nate: Animal Strength teaches me how to balance and strengthen my body and mind as a whole.

FRB: Been on any cool road trips lately?

Nate: I went to Spain with Chris and Tony Lamprict deep water soloing over the beautiful Mediterranean.

FRB: What are some of your favorite areas to climb at overseas?

Nate: Mallorca, Spain. Thailand, and Japan.

FRB: What else do you do besides Climb?

Nate: Sometimes all I do is climb but if I'm not climbing I like hiking, yoga, watercolors, race sailboats, surf, and sky dive occasionally.

FRB: How do you like to spend your time if you're not
          climbing or training or working?

Nate: Relaxing on a beach with some beautiful people.

FRB: How do you relax at the end of the day?

Nate: Just chill out man.

FRB: What's up with the Hair?

Nate: it's the way it wants to grow so I let it grow.

FRB: Who gave you your nickname?
          What does it mean?

Nate: Scott Mechler the route setter of the PCA when he took me on my first real climbing trip with some of his buddies, I was 15 young, but big and smooth. And so it stuck.

FRB: What do you want to be doing 5 years?

Nate: I can't think that far so far I've only been able to focus on today.

FRB: How do you want to be remembered
          in the climbing world?

Nate: As biggie smooth.

FRB: What do you suggest to people who are just
          starting out in climbing?

Nate: Don't stop climbing and step by step you'll climb to the top if you put your mind to it.

FRB: Any final words of wisdom?

Nate: Follow your heart, never give up, anything is possible.

FRB: Thanks for the interview, Nate.



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