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Hello Hello Hello

more Mike Moelter
early-mid December, 2008

Mike Moelter
Mike Moelter Mike Moelter Mike Moelter Mike Moelter

FRB: Name?

Mike: Mike Moelter

FRB: Age?

Mike: 30

FRB: Height/Weight?

Mike: 5'11"/155 lbs.

FRB: Favorite bouldering area?

Mike: Flock Hill, New Zealand.

FRB: Favorite roped climbing area?

Mike: Rifle, CO.

FRB: Best sends bouldering or otherwise?

Mike: I did 7pm Television Show and that was very satisfying but not sure if it was the best. Flashing a route called The Legend in the Red River Gorge is up there on my list. The route that took me the longest is this obscure 14a in Boulder Canyon called Gagger.

FRB: Favorite indoor climbing facility.

Mike: Cats & Rock 'N & Jam' N 1.

FRB: You’re involved with USA Climbing?

Mike: I worked with USA Climbing for 5 years in a full-time capacity but have since scaled back, in order to focus on getting a new climbing & fitness facility called Movement open, here in Boulder, Colorado. I will always be a part of USA Climbing either as a volunteer or hired contractor. I have kept my position as Chair of the Route Setting Committee and have recently been elected to the IFSC Setting Commission. It is a great organization and I will always support it.

FRB: There’s a new indoor climbing gym
          coming to Boulder? Have you heard about
          a potential deep water soloing gym
          coming to Boulder?

Mike: Yes, by now I am sure that most have heard about the new facility that a team of very motivated individuals and I are building from the ground up at 2845 Valmont Street called MOVEMENT. In terms of the deep water soloing, all I can say is that I do not plan to put all of my cards on the table in this interview.

FRB:  What is the facilities strong points?

Mike: Some of Movement's strong points:
- 22,000 total square feet.
- 7,000 square feet dedicated to fitness.
- 40 foot tall climbing walls.
- Energy efficient building and operations.
- ADA compliant throughout the entire facility.
- Nationally & Internationally certified setters.
- Professional and community-oriented staff.
- Air quality control to keep the air as clean as possible.
- Heating & cooling systems that run efficient and effectively.
- Outstanding natural lighting during the day.
- Lighting fixtures that will create a warm and well-lit facility during the night.

FRB: Why will people want to climb/train there?

Mike: Hopefully for the reasons listed above.
Movement is being built from the ground up with modern construction practices and we all know that the earth needs us to change our ways. We have worked diligently to create a building with as low of a CO2 imprint as possible. We have been working with consultants and Xcel Energy to make sure this building not only accomplishes this, but is also an environmental model for future projects throughout the state that are similar to the type of pre-engineered building we are constructing.

So above and beyond all the tangible reasons listed in the previous answer, the people that choose to work out, climb and train at Movement can feel good about the environmental practices of the facility.

FRB: Who made the climbing surfaces?

Mike:  Well they have not been constructed as of yet but we have hired RockWerx out of Massachusetts to construct the walls. From the start we had a number of out-of-the-box ideas we wanted to be able to implement with our walls. Rock Werx has been more than excited about helping us make those ideas become a reality. It has been a great process from the start and I would recommend Rock Werx to any current or future gym owner.

FRB: Who will be the coursesetters?       

Mike: We will be pulling from USA Climbing’s list of nationally certified setters to get the gym up and running. People like Chris Danielson, Kynan Waggoner, Jamie Emerson & Mike Helt (from routesetter.com). As for the full-time setting staff; we have not hired anyone yet.

FRB: What does the timeline for getting the
          doors open look like?

Mike: Right now it all depends on the weather. As I type, they are pouring concrete for the foundation. Once this is complete, the building itself should go up in 6 weeks. All of the steel, and other pieces needed to erect the structure are on site and a crane will come in and lift the pieces into place. After the building is up, Rock Werx will come in and start construction. Doors should be open in March, but like I said it all depends on Mother Nature.

FRB: Currently is there anywhere we can find info on the?

Mike: Yes, we have a blog up and running with a number of posts on it at movementboulder.com. Please check it out and stay tuned for more.

FRB: Last words?

Mike: Thank you for the opportunity to spray! Will we being seeing Front Range Bouldering at MOVEMENT?

FRB: Of course. FRB can't wait. Hurry up, pal.

FRB: Thanks for the interview, Mike.

Mike: You're welcome.

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