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Hello Hello Hello

Joshua Cook
June, 2002

Josh Josh Josh Josh Josh

FRB: How did you get into climbing Josh?

Josh: I have always been a climber. When I was a kid I would climb trees, houses, anything I could. But it was my Dad who sparked my interest in rock climbing. He ran an outdoor leadership school that occasionally went out climbing. I would go out toproping with them and from there I fell in love with the sport.

FRB: How long have you climbed for?

Josh: 3 years of serious climbing.

FRB: Who were some of your mentors?

Josh: My first real climbing mentor was Steve Chang, the strongest climber in Morrison. He taught me so much about climbing with focus and he always pushed me to become stronger.

FRB: Who do you climb with usually?

Josh: The Denver Connection: My boys Nic Heidinger (AKA Nioc), Chris Cory (The Prophet C), Pete Marsters (Crazy Pete) and Seth Allred (Sethpool or Sethballs). Those guys are awesome. They have been one of the strongest driving forces in my love of the sport.

FRB: What else do you like to do besides climb?

Josh: I like to slackline and watch bouldering videos. I also teach english during the summer. Most of all, I love chillin' with my girl and my best friends.

FRB: Have you done any first ascents?

Josh: Yeah. Most the stuff is in hidden areas that I can't even remember where they are.

FRB: What do you think of enhancing, chipping
          and gluing holds?

Josh: I'm not a supporter of changing the rock. I do realize though that there are a lot of vague areas in the debate of bouldering impact, so I try not to become consumed by all the different arguments. I'd rather save my energy for sending.

FRB: Who do you think makes the best shoes
          for bouldering?

Josh: I climb in Boreals. My Zens are my favorite pair of shoes and the company is really cool about hookin' people up when anything goes wrong with a pair.

FRB: What competitions have you won?

Josh: Most recently I won The Teva Mountain Games dyno comp.

FRB: What makes for a good dyno competition.

Josh: A sweet wall and comfortable format. The Phoenix Bouldering Comp does a good job with wall design, and the T.M.G. did an awesome job with format. Oh yeah, huge distances that go from jug to jug are the best dynos.

FRB: What are some of your favorite climbing gyms?

Josh: Thrillseekers is definitely my favorite gym. It is like my home away from home. The people that work there are very supportive and relaxed and the gym has the best dynos of any that I have been to.

FRB: Where do you think the best bouldering
          in the Front Range is?

Josh: Anywhere in the Flatirons. I love that rock, and there is so much potential.

FRB: Do you have any favorite problems or
          ones that you thought were incredible?

Josh: Tower of Power at the Terrain is my all time favorite line. It is simply a great problem.

FRB: What do you suggest to people who are
          just starting in climbing/bouldering ?

Josh: Make sure that your having fun. It is cool to push yourself and become obsessed with a problem, but don't forget that the essence of the sport is in creating fun. If you ever find yourself becoming angry, arrogant, or lost within the sport, take time to remember that all you're doing is climbing to the top of rocks. Love the sport, but maintain self while you're at it.

FRB: What are your thoughts on Highballing?

Josh: I love it. I love the mental edge that it adds to bouldering. Not only do you have to possess all of the focus, strength, and endurance that bouldering requires, but you have to have that 20+ feet above the deck.

FRB: Do you have any training tips?

Josh: Look at what areas need improvement and completely dedicate yourself to achieving your goals.

FRB: How do you train for hard bouldering?

Josh: I go out bouldering as much as I possibly can.

FRB: Parting words of wisdom?

Josh: Climb with focus and passion. Love what you do and create happiness wherever you are.

FRB: Thanks for the interview Josh.

Josh: You're welcome.


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