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HelloHello Hello

Jody Hanson
late August, 2007

Jody Hanson
Jody HansonJody HansonJody HansonJody Hanson

FRB: Name?

Jody: Jody Hanson.

FRB: Age?

Jody: Why does everyone ask this question and why does it matter? Are you trying to classify me?

FRB: Height/Weight?

Jody: 5'6" and fairly skinny.

FRB: Political affiliation?

Jody: Independent since I was 18 years old.

FRB: How did you get into climbing, Jody?

Jody: I met climbers while I was hiking in Torres del Paine. It seemed like it was challenging and a lot of fun. I took a class at my college when I returned to the States. I liked it so much I was at the gym everyday it was open.

FRB: Where do you like to climb, Jody?

Jody: Pretty much any major climbing destination. My particular favorites are RMNP, Fontainbleau, and Squamish, BC. The Red River Gorge is a whole lot of fun, too.

FRB: Who do you usually pull with?

Jody: Whoever would like to going climbing with me. I climb a lot with my old roommates from 110 Mohawk, my two current roommates in Estes Park (Dylan and Marlon), and sometimes just by myself.

FRB: Why do you live in Estes Park?

Jody: It's closer to the climbing, cheaper to live, has seasonal work opportunities, and doesn't really have any places to spend my money. I already work at Ed's Cantina so I get discounts. I do go down to Boulder a lot.

FRB: What about the winters up in Estes? How do you train?

Jody: Umm, I've never spent a whole winter in Colorado.

FRB: What else do you do for fun?

Jody: Between work and climbing I don't have much time. I guess I go out occasionally. I like hanging out at the coffee shop in the morning. Every so often I get on these kicks and I'll have some sort of projects. I just bought a Tiger RV that I think I'll be fixing up soon. That's not really fun. I'll be taking some online classes in the fall to work on my biochemistry (third) degree. I think school is fun.

FRB: Who is inspirational to you in your climbing?

Jody: I get more inspired my the people I continuously see out climbing. There is a girl at The Spot who is there all the time. I think she is there because she loves climbing. That's inspirational!

FRB: How do you like to spend your down time?

Jody: What down time? Like when I'm injured. I spend it soaking in a pool of my own self-pity.

FRB: What have you sent lately?

Jody: Nothing but I'd like to think I'm having a lot of fun repeatedly falling off my projects.

FRB: What projects do you have right now?

Jody: I kind of shy away from answering questions like this. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

FRB: Any trips coming up for late summer or fall?

Jody: Hell yeah! I can't make up my mind yet but .... If I go West I'll go to Yosemite (it's been five years since I've been). If I go East I'll go to the Red River Gorge and surrounding bouldering areas. And then I do a couple of months in Hueco Tanks to hopefully get stuff from last year done. I'd also like to get back to Europe.

FRB: What sports or activities did you do when you were younger?

Jody: I competed in Hunter/Jumper horse shows. On Wednesdays of every week we would have to take our stirrups off and jump the courses with only our thigh muscles to keep us on. I like to think that's why I like compression problems. I also took piano lessons for eight years. My only non-climbing related activity! I never could properly reach an octave.

FRB: Have you gotten any first female ascents?

Jody: I'm starting to feel like getting the FA is more like a competition. I'd rather consider myself on a non-gender specific playing field. So it would be more like getting the 106th ascent.

FRB: What about sponsorship?

Jody: Christian Griffith at Verve has been very kind and given me a lot of clothes. However I don't really have any sponsors. Sometimes I struggle with sponsorship because I think it can really mess with the purity of climbing. I climb because I love it and I send things as a by-product of that. However, I would like to be sponsored by a company that considers me as an athlete and is interested in helping US women excel in climbing, especially considering how far behind we are compared to the European climbers.

FRB: Thanks for the Interview, Jody.

Jody: You're welcome. Thank you.


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