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Hello Hello Hello  

FRB Archived interview
Mark Hobson - early July, 2003

Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark

FRB: What brings you to the Front Range Mark?

Mark: I have lived in Colorado my whole life. I love it here. I can't imagine living anywhere else.

FRB: How did you get into climbing Mark?

Mark: I saw the X-Games on TV and then I went to the Golden Recreation Center. I've been avid ever since.

FRB: How long have you been climbing Mark?

Mark: About 6 or 7 years.

FRB: Who do you boulder with usually?

Mark: Wade, Brian Kimball and all the cool people at Paradise Rock Gym.

FRB: How often do you climb?

Mark: I usually go climbing about 3 to 4 times a week.

FRB: Why bouldering instead of trad or sport or mixed?

Mark: I like bouldering more because you can get more good trys on hard problems in a day than on sport routes.

FRB: Where are some of your favorite places
          to climb/boulder?

Mark: I'm really into the Poudre, Clear Creek, Independence Pass.

FRB: What hard problems have you sent lately?

Mark: Rhino V10. It's up Clear Creek Canyon.

FRB: Do you have any projects right now?

Mark: Black Ice (ahhhhh!), CanOpener, F*** You Finger, Sharma Lounge,Vengeance Rising V-Hard !!, Moon Arete & everything at RMNP and Chaos Canyon.

FRB: Do you have any favorite problems or
          ones that you thought were incredible?

Mark: Ode To Failure and a Sloper Rail at Morrison South?

FRB: Do you ever compete?

Mark: When ever I get a chance. I love to compete.

FRB: What competitions have you won?

Mark: lot of DCL's and some JCCA/USCCA's and got 2nd at that ABS3 qualifier at The Spot recently.

FRB: What makes for a good competition route
          in your opinion?

Mark: Consistent, cool moves; doable but hard.

FRB: What's it like developing as a boulderer
          in the Front Range?

Mark: Getting to climb with a lot of strong climbers and having a bunch of really good areas and boulders to go to all year long.

FRB: What are some things you don't like about
          the Front Range bouldering scene?

Mark: A bunch of talking smack.

FRB: Who are you sponsored by?

Mark: FRB.com, Bison and hopefully La Sportiva soon.

FRB: What else do you do besides climb?

Mark: Photography and slack-lining and chase women?

FRB: What climbing periodical do you read?

Mark: The FRB Message Board.

FRB: Favorite bouldering websites?

Mark: FRB.com, 8a.nu, vertvideo.com.

FRB: Thanks for the interview Mark.

Mark: No problem. Thanks to Mark and Brian at Paradise Rock Gym.


theFlip MINO

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