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Hello Hello Hello

Archived Interview
Eric Harrison  'EZ'

 mid/late April, 2005


FRB: How did you get into climbing/bouldering, Eric?

EZ: A friend.

FRB: Why'd you leave So.Cal?

EZ: As a single guy, trying to get ahead financially is a bitch. Plus, I wanted to be closer to world class climbing.

FRB: How are you transitioning from So.Cal lifestyle
          to Boulder lifestyle?

EZ: I love it here. Everyone is so motivated and strong as shit.

FRB: Is the Boulder scene as bad as you heard?

EZ: I was a little worried when I first got here. I heard people from CO. didn't dig people from Cali. Everyone I have met have been so insanely cool.

FRB: What else do you do besides climb?

EZ: I love to lay out naked an draw.

FRB: Mass-Closures are looming for parts of OSMP
          (open space mountain parks) what's your take
          on the situation?

EZ: It is a real bummer. Colorado has the most insane places to climb, hike, bike or whatever. As outdoor enthusiasts, we need to do our part to keep these beautiful places around for future generations. Whatever it takes.

FRB: What do you think of the collection of cool rock gyms
          we have here in the Front Range?
          (like the BRC, Spot, CATS, R&J1&2, etc.)

EZ: I am blown away! All the route setters are kick ass and the comps they put on are insane. I was never really into comps, but the ones these gyms put on are so fun. The people that go to them are supper cool and the after parties are sickkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FRB: How did you get your nickname, EZ?

EZ: Someone once said I was easy going, and it just went from there.

FRB: How is the Boulder climbing/bouldering scene
          different to the So.Cal scene?

EZ: In So. Cal, the weather is mostly good year round, so every one goes there own way. It seems like when the weather is bad here, everyone gets together and trains or sets things up for when the weather gets good. There seems to be a bit more camaraderie here.

FRB: Where are you going to climb when
          the weather gets better?

EZ: I have some projects I need to finish. I am also psyched to get on rope for a change. Where ever, when ever.

FRB: What are some of you favorite areas, anywhere?

EZ: Bishop will always be my favorite area. Squamish is sick for granite slopers. The areas around here like RMNP, Mt. Evans, and The Poudre are a close second for granite. Joe's Valley has me all wet for sand stone.

FRB: There's plenty of cool pitches around the
          Front Range, if you're into it. Got a hitlist
          of climbs to do?

EZ: All of them.

FRB: How do you train to get stronger?

EZ: I noticed the beer around here seems to make climbers strong as shit, so I am giving that a try.

FRB: What other ways do you train?

EZ: Just going out and having the most fun I can. If I am having a blast with cool people, I climb my best. Training for me can get a little boring.

FRB: What long term plans do you have for your climbing?
          (like artic big walls, expeditions, etc.)

EZ: I live one day at a time. Right now I am into just trying to do the hardest things for me. Routes or boulder problems that seem impossible at first, but then come together. That is cool as shit.

FRB: Who you usually climb with, EZ?

EZ: I have been bouldering alot with the Spot posse: Wade David, Sander, all the Seths, Angie Payne, Daniel Woods, my buddy Keith, Ryan, etc. Everyone is motivating and I try to learn as much as I can from these incredible talented people.

FRB: How do you like to relax after
          a full day of bouldering?

EZ: There is nothing like a good old dirty cane Assad burrito and beers with your friends.

FRB: Thanks for the interview, EZ.

EZ: Thanks for the opportunity.


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