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Archived Interview
Bob D'Antonio

mid October, 2002

Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob

FRB: How did you get into climbing Bob?

Bob: My first year of college in New Mexico, that was 1971.

FRB: You've climbed a long time,
          what keeps you going?

Bob: New routes and a few good climbing friends.

FRB: Who were some of your early mentors?

Bob: Mike Roybal in New Mexico, Steve Wunsch, Kevin Bein and John Bragg from the "Gunks".

FRB: Who do you climb with usually?

Bob: I climb alot with Vaino Kodas, a great climber living in Boulder.

FRB: You have been doing new routes in
          Boulder Canyon, what can you tell us
          about that?

Bob: They are mostly up above Boulder Falls and on or near the Wall of Winter Warmth. Vaino Kodas and I have done most of them together and think a number of them are good routes. There is still a number of good routes to do in the canyon if you are willing to hike to, clean them and bolt them.

FRB: You have developed other areas like
          Penitente Canyon, how did you find it?

Bob: I met Lew Hoffman in the Garden of the Gods in the spring of 1984. I took my first trip to climb in the valley with the great boulderer, Bob Murray. We first climbed at the Rock Garden and then went for a run into Penitente Canyon. It's all history from then on. It really is a special place to climb and hang out.

FRB: What about Buena Vista?

Bob: I climbed a fair amount near Buena Vista and done a couple of FA's.

FRB: How about the bouldering at Monte Vista?

Bob: I know about Hidden Gulch and some other areas. They are quite good.

FRB: Do you have any new guidebooks
          coming out soon?

Bob: Yes a hiking guide to the Front Range, a mountain bike guide to northern New Mexico and a new (second edition) mountain bike guide to the Denver/Boulder area.

FRB: What else do you like to do besides
          climb and write?

Bob: I trail run a lot and mountain bike with my kids.

FRB: What do you think of enhancing, chipping
          and gluing holds.

Bob: Not much, I think gluing a natural hold that has broke or about to break OK to do.

FRB: Climbing is popular now. How do we be
          better stewards of the land?

Bob: Get involved in cleanups and access issues.

FRB: What makes for a 'perfect' sport route?

Bob: The ones that you can float up. Position, moves, proper bolt placement and good rock.

FRB: Where do you think the best bouldering
          in the Front Range is?

Bob: Right here in the Boulder/Estes Park area.

FRB: Do you have any favorite problems or
          ones that you thought were incredible?

Bob: Hagan Wall, Face Out, First Overhang, Just Right.

FRB: What is the direction bouldering is going?

Bob: I think bouldering is getting long. There were very few 40 moves boulder problems in the 60's, 70's and 80's.

FRB: What are your thoughts on Highballing?

Bob: I like it and very rarely used a crash pad/futon.

FRB: What do you got for training secrets, tips?
          What do you recommend?

Bob: Try other sports and keep the right mental attitude.

FRB: What keeps you psyched to train?

Bob: Routes I can't do.

FRB: Parting words of wisdom.

Bob: Well I thought I would have a bunch at my age (almost 50) but its pretty simple. Enjoy being outside, enjoy your friends and enjoy the rock. Climbing is a wonderful sport.

FRB: Thanks for the interview Bob.

Bob: You’re welcome.


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