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Jeff Broussard
 mid July, 2006

Jeff Broussard
Jeff BroussardJeff BroussardJeff BroussardJeff Broussard

FRB: Full name?

Jeff: Jeff Broussard.

FRB: Age?

Jeff: 22.

FRB: Height/weight?

Jeff: 6'1" 155 lbs.

FRB: Ape Index?

Jeff: Maybe +1.

FRB: Political affiliation?

Jeff: Unaffiliated.

FRB: Interests besides climbing, Jeff?

Jeff: My main focuses besides climbing are physiology, mountain and road biking and mountaineering. Other things that life has to offer that I enjoy include hiking, snowboarding, hockey, backpacking, peak bagging, foosball, soccer, football, ultimate Frisbee, running and most important barbecuing and night climbing.

FRB: Night climbing! Isn't that dangerous?

Jeff: Yea fool. It's dangerous.

FRB: How did you get into climbing, dude?

Jeff: I’ve always wanted to get into climbing but never had the means until a good friend started dating a climber. A few climbs with them and I was hooked.

FRB: What do you prefer, bouldering or roped climbing?

Jeff: I really enjoy the technical nature of bouldering without much of a fall. Rope climbing is a thrill because there is more a sense of accomplishment.

FRB: You're new in the climbing world,
         what's your take on it, so far?

Jeff: Wow, I think Iím going to enjoy being a part of the climbing world. Everyone seems to want to work together in effort to share information to maximize everyone's climbing experiences.

FRB: What goals have you set for yourself?

Jeff: Iíve never had any goals when it comes to climbing, but like all the other things I enjoy in life I want to be able to use climbing to show others a good time.

FRB: What don't you like about the
         climbing scene in the Front Range?

Jeff: With all of the outdoor areas that people are trying to close, like OHV trails and hiking trails on private property; the environmental impact of climbing is inconsequential in comparison, why are people trying to close climbing areas? I think climbing is something to be proud of and talked about; I donít like the donít tell nature of a lot of climbing because of where and/or when you climbed a particular area. But on another note, Where is there not climbing? You can put your shoes on anywhere around here and I love it!

FRB: Favorite climbing/bouldering website,
         other than FRB?

Jeff: One that has great deals on the equipment that I need.

FRB: Favorite FR rock gym?

Jeff: Platte Middle School. Thatís the only climbing gym Iíve ever climbed in. Although, the Boulder Rock Club looks like it's really fun!

FRB: How do you validate your experiences?

Jeff: Well, staying fit and in shape while forging a body consciousness.

FRB: Biggest characters you've met, so far? (in climbing)

Jeff: Dane Casterson is quite the character. I met him in a womens studies class at CU and we started climbing together. This guy is crazy while also focusing upon safety. I seen him do more lunge moves on rope than anyone else. Scrapes and rope rashes are a good sign that Dane has been having fun.

FRB: Where's the best place to cruise for climbing women?

Jeff: Thatís what I should be asking you!

FRB: How do you train for climbing, pal?

Jeff: It’s more like what do I use climbing to train for? Everything is training for something else in my life. Climbing has enhanced my mountain and road biking abilities as well as enhancing my hockey abilities by giving me a much stronger core. Core strength is the backbone of a good check in hockey.

FRB: What's your favorite FR drinking establishment?

Jeff: Itís go to be Southern Sun. That place is always so chill.

FRB: After a long day on the boulders or crags,
          how do you like to unwind?

Jeff: I unwind from most things with a road ride. After climbing I guess I unwind by riding as well. I also like to unwind by chasing skirts.

FRB: Your enjoying your summer break right now,
          what are you doing with your summer aside from climbing?

Jeff: Well, I spend fourty hours a week working for the state doing GPS and GIS work. I also work for the university here in Boulder at the recreation center as their cycle technician for the spin classes. My third job is for the coolest triathalon shop in town. As a bicycle technician there I get to work with state of the art triathalon cycles. JJ Trisport and Recycle is also a recycle shop so I get to keep my skills fresh working on consignment bikes. For all your triathalon and biking needs check out JJ Trisport and Recycle on Valmont between 28th street and 30th street next store to Deli Zone.

FRB: So Jeff, your learning to climb this summer. As a adventurist what are your other goals for this summer.

Jeff: As an adventurist I need goals for my summer to “keep the dream alive” As I like to say. I’m working on conquering all of the fourteeners throughtout the state on my weekends. But really the peak bagging is all about training for the Colorado Trail. I’m aiming to solo the whole trail, roughly 480 miles in about 15 days! After conquering the Colorado trail in mid-August then I’ll begin to prepare for a few late season mountain biking races. Probably in the Mountain States Cup.

FRB: Thanks for the interview Jeff.

Jeff: You're welcome.


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