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Archived Interview
Boulos Ayad
mid August, 2004

Boulos Ayad Boulos Ayad Boulos Ayad Boulos Ayad Boulos Ayad

FRB: How did you get into climbing Boulos?

Boulos: I got into climbing when I was like 13. I used to hike a lot in City Open Space and one day some of my parents friends were top-ropeing and offered up a burn.

FRB: What else do you do besides boulder?
           In other words, do you sport or trad climb?

Boulos: My favorite thing about climbing is that there are so many facets. I really enjoy doing all of them and feel that mixing it up will prevent me from ever burning out.

FRB: How many big walls have you done?

Boulos: I have never counted the number of walls that I did when I was really psyched on that aspect of climbing.

FRB: Got any good big wall stories?

Boulos: A funny wall story does come to mind. When I was like 18 I was up on the Pacific Ocean wall with one night left to go. We climbed late and before bed I slammed my last Olde English to make the haul bags lighter, took off my Baltoros -hung'em on the center strap of the porta-ledge and crawled into bed on the outside of the ledge. Well right before I fell asleep I decided to piss so I unzipped my bag, rolled over and did what I had to. The next morning we woke early and hastily readied to break down camp. The only thing left to do was to put our boots on. I reached into the left boot-pulled out my knee pad and sock and proceeded to put my shoe on. The right boot however yielded a saturated knee pad, sock and half quart of distinctly familiar fluid. My partner Tyson Hausdoerffer was delighted with the squishing sound that came with each bounce test. By the time we topped out and descended via the 8mi. Yosemite Falls Trail I had the worst blisters imaginable-and to boot they were from my own piss. Tyson will never let me forget that story.

FRB: Who were some of your early partners?

Boulos: Any one who would go.

FRB: Where do you climb these days?

Boulos: I think my favorite area will always be Eldorado Canyon. I'm also really psyched on the desert.

FRB: What else do you do besides climb?

Boulos: Climbing actually represents a very small part of my life right now. My parents are older and are not well right now-they're very much my priority, but aside from that I really just work. I have a couple of jobs to make it all work with my lifestyle and my family needs and all.

FRB: What do you do at Sportiva?

Boulos: At La Sportiva I do warehouse stuff: shipping and receiving.

FRB: Got any big trips coming up?

Boulos: Nothing farther then Eldorado Springs for now. I have lots left to do in South America at some point.

FRB: Have you ever climbed at Zion?
          What did you do at Zion?

Boulos: I have climbed in Zion. I love it! I used to make it down each spring and fall to do mostly wall routes.

FRB: Done any FA's in the Front Range?

Boulos: Most of the FA's I've done have been in the desert. Did a little hand crack with David Light one time up in the Flatirons.

FRB: Ever been to Cloud 9?
          What did you think of the place?
          Does Cloud 9 even exist or is it just a myth?

Boulos: Some how I did make all the way up to cloud 9 one time. I'm doing a lot of cardio training so I can go back. That place is rad! It's so far that I think it will continue to have potential for a long time.

FRB: How was the Scoop? How hard did you rate it?

Boulos: The Scoop is really cool. That climb grabbed my attention more than other stuff the one day I was there. I really couldn't rate it- I did it so differently than Tommy, But I can say that I think my way was easier-I couldn't use some of the holds that he pulled on so I skipped them. Also I've never climbed at the level that he rated that.

FRB: What are some of your favorite places to boulder?

Boulos: Eldo and Flagstaff locally. The coolest ever is certainly down in Peru, South America.

FRB: The climbing community is growing.
          What problems will this create and
          how can we remedy them?

Boulos: Growth in the climbing community should have no bearing to adventure seekers. Cloud 9 is a great example.

FRB: What do you do to mitigate injuries?

Boulos: Drink single malt Scotch.

FRB: Do you ever plateau in your training?
          How do you overcome it?

Boulos: I plateau all the time-usually at about 5.6. I really need to be climbing a lot to feel strong.

FRB: What do you suggest to people who are
          just starting out in climbing?

Boulos: It's like sex! Don't rush it.

FRB: Where's the best place to pick up climbing babes?

Boulos: I avoid climbing babes. They have so much attitude. I'm more attracted to the Hottie who doesn't know it or at least doesn't rub it in your face (until later). Besides my girlfriend of nine months keeps me plenty busy.

FRB: The climbing shoe business seems
          to be in an uproar. What is Sportiva
         doing to secure there fair share of the market?

Boulos: La Sportivas share in the market is secure as it is. The longstanding credo of performance and true hand made quality will continue to attract real climbers who need the very best of those things La Sportivas are a great investment and can be resoled many times.

FRB: After a hard day on the rocks how do you like to unwind?

Boulos: Single malt Scotch and then put my feet up on the furniture.

FRB: Favorite rock gyms?

Boulos: The Spot Bouldering Gym for bouldering and the Boulder Rock Club for routes.

FRB: What does the future hold for Boulos?

Boulos: My future is up in the air. My passion is traveling and climbing but right now I'm a slave to the almighty dollar. I will climb full time again-sometime.

FRB: What about life after climbing?
          How are you gonna get that rush
          that climbing offers?

Boulos: The lessons learned from climbing are applicable to any walk in life.

FRB: Any finals words of wisdom?

Boulos: Climb fast, don't forget the haul line and look out for cars with lights on top and gun toting maniacs inside.

FRB: Thanks for the interesting interview Boulos.

Boulos: Anything for a friend.




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