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Benny Randolph
 mid August, 2006


FRB: How did you get into climbing, Benny?

Benny: A couple of years ago a buddy of mine took me out to try it. Tried it once and got addicted. He, on the other hand, got married and can't leave the house now.

FRB: Climbing partners?

Benny: Many, many partners. Iím what you would call a climbing whore.

FRB: Favorite areas? Favorite routes?

Benny: I've really taken a liking to River Wall at Button Rock outside of Lyons. The setting is great not many people and you climb right out of the drink. There are some really classic routes there. Also, Lumpy and Eldo, of course.

FRB: Do you like to rope up in RMNP?

Benny: Yes. As a matter of fact, I recently climbed the Casual Route on the Diamond with Kevin Bains. It was awesome.

FRB: First 5.13?

Benny: A Steve Hong route called Old Yellar. An amazing route at Button Rock above the River Wall.

FRB: What are you working on now?

Benny: You mean besides trying to stay out of the heat? I guess I’m working Nevermore at Easter Rock in Boulder Canyon. I've gone up a couple time to check it out and keep falling off the last move.

FRB: You boulder as well, right?

Benny: Yeah.

FRB: Where you been bouldering at in the summer heat?

Benny: Mostly indoors.

FRB: How much do you train?

Benny: Iím always training. Rest days for me consist of laps on easier routes.

FRB: Who are your mentors?

Benny: Anybody I climb with. Thereís always something you can learn from people no matter their level. Oh yeah, and Tony Yao.

FRB: Who do you look up to in your climbing?

Benny: I look up to Tony and my buddy Jon Siegrist. Also, the greatest climber of our time, Tommy Caldwell.

FRB: You work at the BRC?

Benny: Sure do.

FRB: What's your take on the state of climbing
         and bouldering in the Front Range?

Benny: Itís really taking off. The more I go out, the more people I see that are super psyched to be out enjoying themselves.

FRB: Comp seasons is rapidly approaching.
          Are you going to compete?

Benny: I havenít competed yet. I want to try it once, but other than that Iím not really into the whole comp scene.

FRB: How many comp at the BRC this season?

Benny: I donít know if we have scheduled any as of right now.

FRB: BRC has a renovation in the works?

Benny: Yeah weíre getting ready to expand. The building is going to be 50% larger and the climbing area is going to almost double. I just saw the plans for the new walls and bouldering. Itís going to be rad.

FRB: Who are the coursesetters are the Rock Club, Benny?

Benny: Right now itís mostly Charlie Boas and Tony Yao. As soon as summer camps are done I will be joining the crew again.

FRB: Climbing, Cars and Chicks... in what order?

Benny: Oh Mike, it hurts to think that hard.

FRB: Other interests?

Benny: Cars and Chicks. Hahaha.

FRB: Final words of wisdom.

Benny: When you got outside brush your holds. This isnít the spot.

FRB: Thanks for the interview, Benny.

Benny: Thank you. Itís been fun. Can I go send now?


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