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Hello Hello Hello

Andy Mann
 early October, 2005

Andy Mann
Andy Mann Andy Mann Andy Mann Andy Mann

FRB: Full Name?

Andy: Andy Mann.

FRB: Age:?

Andy: 25.

FRB: Weight:?

Andy: 145.

FRB: Height:?

Andy: 5'10".

FRB: Ape Index:?

Andy: I don't know.

FRB: What do you do for FRB?

Andy: I contribute my ideas and opinions. I take photos, write reviews, and walk the fine line of exposing new boulders to people.

FRB: You did the Jason Kehl podcast...
           what is he like as a person?

Andy: Jason is really nice. He's very humble and very motivated. A really fun guy to climb with. I like JK a lot. I respect him a lot for choice of lines and their ground up ethics.

FRB: What else do you do besides contribute to FRB?

Andy: I'm a chef, it is in my family and I've cooked for almost 12 years. I also play bluegrass instruments, climb and travel a lot.

FRB: You boulder every chance you get.
          Where do you like to go?

Andy: I go places I haven't been. Probably close to 95 different places per 100 trips. I'm very fond of the sandstone in the southeast. But in Colorado I really enjoy Red Cliff, Poudre Canyon, PB's & Terrain Boulders, and Lumpy Ridge.

FRB: Who do you usually boulder with?

Andy: Anybody who loves bouldering. Lately, Phillip Benningfield, Mike F., Pete and Trixie , and all the great friends I've met through them. Hopefully more with Jason while he's in town, and my room mates Mike and Nick. I also like climbing with girls because they are pretty and smell nice.

FRB: Have you done any FA's?

Andy: Yes, lots of them. Mostly back home in Virginia, tons of stuff to grab. I'm also proud of a few lines in the flatirons I've sent, maybe people will climb them, but probably not.

FRB: What kind of stone do you prefer: sandstone or granite?

Andy: Sandstone. I like the variety of holds it offers. Sandstone can take really weird shapes and textures. It also offers really unique lines and movements, more than granite I find.

FRB: Do you like to highball?

Andy: Yes and no. Definitely not all the time. They just seem to stare me down more than the smaller stuff.

FRB: How do you prepare yourself to highball?

Andy: Well pads and spotters is good preperation. I struggled with highballing for years and now I really envelop the struggle that it brings in me, and the conversations I have with that struggle. I'm sort of trying to believe in myself, my mind, and my body on a new level. Highballing really tests my ability to step up, and I've learned well the lesson of failure due to being mentally unable. I'm a lot better at staying focused when I need to be, but a lot harder on myself when I'm not. It can be hard for me to not take my climbing so seriously sometimes. I climb a lot of very tall boulder problems.

FRB: What about competitions...
          do you like to compete?

Andy: In rock climbing, oh no. I get burned off enough to know it won't make good spectating. The less I climb against people the less the disappointments.

FRB: What do you suggest to people who are
          just starting out in bouldering?

Andy: It is not a sport. Grades will seem unfair and you will struggle with defeat. The truth of bouldering is the feeling of movement, and the rare perfection of thoughtless mechanics becomes the goal. Fall in love with the boulders before it's problems, and look everywhere for First Ascents.

FRB: Final words of wisdom.

Andy: Climb at night. And Prepare for "after" the days of climbing. Bring your own beer because you will want one of mine.

FRB: Thanks for the interview, Andy.

Andy: thank you.


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