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FRB Archived Interview
Adrienne Drolet
- April, 2003

Dan Howley Dan Howley Dan Howley Dan Howley Dan Howley

FRB: You are very well known in the climbing world but
          some folks might not have heard of you. Who is
          Adie Drolet

Adie: I'm a female climber from Fort Collins, CO.

FRB: How did you get into climbing Adie?

Adie: My brother Sean, took some classes from Inner Strength Rock Gym and got me to try it.

FRB: Who were some of your early mentors?

Adie: There are so many people that have guided me since the beginning. Sean, and a whole group of people at Inner Strength. Sean and I have climbed a lot with Rick V., who has been a mentor and a friend to us.

FRB: Who do you climb with usually?

Adie: I always climb with Sean. There's no one usual group of people. I climb with the Fort Collins and Denver crew pretty frequently.

FRB: How often do you climb?

Adie: I climb about every other day or every two days. Basically, after comp season I try to take some time off on plastic.

FRB: What are some of your favorite rock gyms?

Adie: Boulder is a great place to improve. With three gyms, The Spot, BRC, and C.A.T.S., you can work on all different styles of climbing, especially your weaknesses. And with so many places to climb outside it's a rad place for a climber. I've only been to two places outside in Boulder. This year I hope to climb at a lot of areas there.

FRB: Who are you sponsored by Adie?

Adie: Verve, and Inner Strength Rock Gym. They've been great.

FRB: What else do you do besides climb?

Adie: Besides climbing, hiking, beading, a little yoga, and skateboarding.

FRB: Do you have any 'heroes' in climbing?

Adie: Yes, Chris Sharma, Klem Loskot and Lisa Rands. Of course, they're all great climbers but, their attitudes towards life and climbing are very inspiring.

FRB: What do you think of enhancing, chipping and
          gluing holds?

Adie: I think enhancing and chipping is wrong. I feel that some things are just not meant to be climbed until someone is strong enough to do it. Part of the challenge is to become stronger for a problem, not change a problem to meet your strength. I think gluing holds can be okay, depending on the situation.

FRB: What is the best chalk for bouldering?

Adie: I usually just buy a block of chalk when I run out.

FRB: Who makes the best bouldering shoes?

Adie: I've only worn 5.10 and LaSportiva, but 5.10 rubber rocks.

FRB: What competitions have you won?

Adie: Recently I've won some local comps, a Big 8 USCCA comp, and an ABS qualifier.

FRB: What makes for a good competition route
          in your opinion?

Adie: I think a good competition route should involve tricky sequences with powerful moves. Hard to read movement is definitely one of my weaknesses. But, in an onsight competition I think it separates the climbers.

FRB: Where are some of your favorite places
          to climb/boulder?

Adie:That's a hard one. I like all the areas I have been to along the Front Range. Some of my favorites are RMNP, Poudre Canyon, Arthur's Rock, and Lumpy Ridge.

FRB: What hard problems have you sent
          in the Front Range?

Adie: I've done Tilt and Godzilla. Also, classics like Pinch Overhang, Sloper Chief, and Kahuna. But, the hardest thing I've done right now is V8.

FRB: What are some things you don't like about
          the Front Range bouldering scene?

Adie: There's nothing really over-all that bothers me. There are things that climbers can do, like picking up trash, that can make the crags better.

FRB: What does the future hold for climbing?

Adie: We will probably see climbing go into a more mainstream sport. And I think if were not careful we could see more area closures.

FRB: Do you have any projects right now?

Adie: I came really close to doing Ode to Failure the other day. I'd like to do that problem. When RMNP is dry. I'd like to do GangBang and some other things up there.

FRB: What are your current goals ?

Adie: My current goals are to get outside as much as possible. After comp season I'm ready to be back on real rock.

FRB: Any words of wisdom on how to climb hard?

Adie: Try to set goals. It's important to set goals to improve. I used to go outside and think, I'll get on everything! Since I didn't have a goal for that day, I wouldn't accomplish anything, except for warm-ups. If you set a goal for yourself everytime you go outside or in, you'll definitely be a lot more successful. This doesn't mean going to a problem and thinking, I have to do this! It's better to go to it with a clear mind, and just try to learn from the problem. Don't put so much focus on getting the problem or winning at a comp, that you forget to have fun.

FRB: Any words of wisdom you can give to someone
          just starting to climb?

Adie: Push yourself enough to improve, but not so hard you burnout or get injured.

FRB: Thanks for the interview, Adie.

Adie: Thank you.


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