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Hello Hello Hello

FRB Archived Interview
Adam McKenzie
mid February, 2004

Adam McKenzie Adam McKenzie Adam McKenzie Adam McKenzie Adam McKenzie

FRB: How did you get into climbing Adam?

Adam: My aunt wanted me to do something else besides sit around the house all day. So I went looking for something fun to do and I found climbing. Have not stopped since.

FRB: Who are some of your early partners?

Adam: I used to climb with a lot of people who worked at the Vail Athletic Club. Also with a lot of people on the Creek climbing team.

FRB: Who do you climb with usually?

Adam: I climb with anyone who has a good outlook and loves to climb. The main crew these days is Gabe "Brazil" Craveiro, Matt "africa"Lloyd, Sethingson Lytton, and my cousin; Cliff P. Gibbons.

FRB: How often do you climb?

Adam: I climb about three to four times a week and a couple of hours in each session.

FRB: Do you have any 'heroes' in climbing?

Adam: There are certain people in the climbing community who inspire me but not any real heroes.

FRB: Why bouldering instead of trad or Sport climbing?

Adam: I have done all three. But bouldering seems to fit my style the best. You seem to be able to do so much more bouldering in a day than anything else.

FRB: Where do you think the best bouldering
          in the Front Range is?

Adam: I love Castlewood Canyon and the Kluttergarden near Redcliff.

FRB: Have you done any first ascents there?

Adam: I have lots of little problems here and there hidden among the trees that I have FA's on.

FRB: What hard problems have you sent in the Front Range?

Adam: Rhino, and this awesome FA in the Kluttergarden, Daily Chuck Dose, Dyno Man.

FRB: Do you have any favorite problems or
          ones that you thought were incredible?

Adam: I love the rail problem in Castlewood. The movement is so incredible from start to finish. The overhang problem in the Kluttergarden. It is has hard moves on an overhang and a hard slab top out. It has it all.

FRB: Do you have any projects right now?

Adam: I have a few projects here and there. I really want to do Super Chief in Carter. I also have this awesome project In Castlewood that keeps shutting me down.

FRB: What are your thoughts on Highballing?

Adam: I think it can be fun. As long as you know what you are getting yourself into. And you have a spotter you trust down there and a big pad never hurts either.

FRB: What are some things you don't like
          about the Front Range bouldering scene?

Adam: There seems to be a lot of trash talking these days. It starts out with a friendly joke. Then goes downhill from there. Can't we all just get along? Also people who can not clean up after themselves after a day of climbing is pretty annoying.

FRB: What do you suggest to people who are
          just starting in climbing/bouldering?

Adam: Climb as many days as possible during the week. Also never give up, just keep pushing yourself and find people who will push you to the next level.

FRB: How do you deal with injuries?

Adam: Injuries they are just part of the game. Time is usually the best bet to heal right.

FRB: Do you compete?

Adam: I compete whenever I can; I love a good competition.

FRB: To your knowledge, are people cheating
          in Front Range competitions?

Adam: Who really knows what is going on? I think that there may be a problem but because there is no judges in the comps someone is going to cheat. We have to be careful to mark all our attempts on problems. Perhaps there was a time that people could work on the honor system but I think that more oversight with judges could help solve the problem if in fact there is one.

FRB: What are some of your favorite climbing gyms?

Adam: I climb at Rock'n and Jam'n and The Spot. My home away from home is Thrillseekers. Kevin, Scott, Steve and Josh are some of the coolest people around. The people who climb at Thrillseekers are great to be around. They all make that gym such a great place to go and climb.

FRB: What makes for a good competition route
          in your opinion?

Adam: I love the micro crimpers. So a lot of small holds and a lot of power is how I like the problems.

FRB: Who are you sponsored by?

Adam: I am currently sponsored by Mad Rock; their shoes stick to anything and are just out of this world, Beal; makers of some of the best ropes out their, Bison; they make the best chalk. All three of them are a huge support to me and I thank them for supporting me.

FRB: What else do you like to do besides climb?

Adam: I like to longboard, slackline, and hang out with friends.

FRB: Parting words of wisdom?

Adam: Being pulled behind a car on a longboard may seem like a good idea but it isn't.

FRB: Thanks for the interview, Adam.

Adam: You're welcome. Thank you.


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